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Free Tax Efile - Everyone Can E-File Their Taxes For Free

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Nothing in life is certain except for death and taxes, right? It doesn’t have to be that way, thanks to a partnership with the Internal Revenue Service and the Free File Alliance LLC, most taxpayers are able to file their taxes for free. The program makes free tax efile services available through several different tax preparation providers.

Who Is Eligible for Free EFile?
Taxpayers who have an adjusted gross income of less than $57,000 were allowed to efile for free in 2009. That standard will most likely stay as a requirement for the free program for years to come. Additionally, some of the software titles on the market have a free tax efile option for federal tax returns included in the purchase price, so taxpayers who make over $57,000 may be able to take advantage of the free efile program by purchasing a program that offers the free tax efile option.

Who Actually Offers The Service?
There are a vast number of software titles that allow the free tax efile option. They can be bought both in stores and online. Some of the services are completely free, with nothing to download at all. You simply input your numbers into an internet based program and everything is calculated for you right before your eyes. H&R Block (hrblock.com), I-Can (icanefile.org), Turbo Tax (turbotax.com), Tax Act (taxact.com) and Efile.com all offer free e-filing options. All of them offer federal efiling for free and some also have the capability of filing your state return. Most of them charge a minimal fee to file a state return. One thing to think about when deciding how to file your taxes is to make sure you have access to your returns for years to come. It might be beneficial, in the long run, to file your taxes using a program that is downloaded to your home computer, so you have easy access at your information in the future. Additionally, from year to year most tax programs automatically bring in last year’s information into the new program. By starting your tax return that way, you will have a lot less information to fill out, so it will save you a lot of valuable time.

What Are The Benefits?
The reason why most people turn to e-filing is because of how simple the process is, from filling out the forms, to the actual process of efiling itself. As an added bonus, there are no forms to mail in and you get your refund a lot sooner than if you file by mail. With free tax efile you usually get your federal return in one to two weeks, instead of the six to eight week wait that comes with filing on traditional paper forms. If you owe taxes, you still have until the due date to pay, so it is a win-win scenario.

When Can I File?
The new software titles for free tax efile starting being released each year around January. You will want to make sure that the tax law changes for the year are all set in stone before you file, but the software Web sites will tell you that when you start your return. There is no easier way to file taxes than with free tax efile, so plan to try it out this year, you will be glad you did.

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