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Free Virus Program - 3 Protections Offered by a Free Virus Program

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Everyone using a Windows and a Mac needs a free virus program in today’s times. Although Mac users have better protection over Windows, some files can still receive infections. Using a free virus program can help you scan and remove potential threats to your computer.

Popular Programs

Many free virus program opportunities exist online. You can download several to scan and see what they find. Two of the best-known ones available are Spybot and Malwarebytes. These come recommended by known forums in the virus elimination industry. Spybot and Malwarebytes scan your computer without taking up too much space, unlike some other programs. They will find viruses, Trojans and spyware.

You then have the choice to quarantine the items or expel them from your computer. While these programs work in the background on your computer, you can still use other programs. Although you should download at least one of these two programs, you might need a free virus program that can scan new files quickly.
AVG and Avast help keep your computer virus free. They start automatically and find scan downloads. You can use these to find root-kits and other virus threats.

Rogue Anti Virus Programs

Sometimes when you scan sites on the Internet, fake virus warnings pop up on your computer. Many try to alert you that you are receiving a virus attack from a download. These prompt you to let the free virus program remove the threats. Many of these programs create false warnings to get you to buy the program. When you click on the information, you visit a payment site. These programs can take over your computer and keep you from doing work on your computer.

When this happens, restart the computer in safe mode. Download a legitimate free virus program and have it scan your hard drive for this rogue application. You might need to visit Bleeping Computer, a forum that enlists volunteer virus eliminators to help you find and erase the threatening free virus program.

Keep Viruses Away

Using a technician at Bleeping Computer can help you cut out any viruses known and unknown. Once you download and use a free virus program, you should learn tips to keep your computer free from viruses.

• Never download anything you suspect could contain a virus. If you ordered software, chances are it is safe, but scan files anyway.

• Never download anything from torrents or hacker sites. These most always contain viruses or root kits to steal your information. Scan all downloads you have previously received from these sites to ensure you are virus free.

• Scan using your free virus program at least once a week. Make sure you scan your computer using deep scan to cover all files and folders on your computer.

When you use a free virus program, you still might not receive all the protection you need for safety online. Make sure you learn about sites that may potentially carry dangerous threats. Even if you visit sites, you can get the rogue virus onto your computer. Take the necessary precautions by reading information and reviews from trusted sources before downloading any programs on your computer.

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