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Free Word Games Online - Find & Play Free Word Games Online

sites pogo players offer

Lover of letters? Professional wordsmith? Scrabble addict? Crossword crazy? Finding free word games online is simple and fun. There are many sites offering word games for free. It is as easy as typing “word games” into a search engine.

“Word game-aholics” can get their brains scrambled, boggled, or searched with just a click. Popular sites include Shockwave, Pogo, Alphadictionary, and Puzzle Depot. Even places like the senior-oriented site AARP.com offer word games to keep one’s “mind sharp.” Sites like ClubBing and Pogo have the added incentive of the chance to win prizes.

Shockwave has word searches, text twist, word bingo, and many others. Pogo offers similar games plus Word Whomp with colorful cartoon characters cheering on players. Traditional word games such as crossword puzzles, Scrabble, and Boggle are also available at Pogo. Jackpots are offered up to $4,999.

PuzzleDepot.com offers free puzzles, Flash games, logic games, crosswords and Shockwave. They have trivia games and contests for prizes. PuzzleDepot.com has the ability to look words up when players get stuck. They have word games for all ages.

There are a couple of options to consider when looking for the best sites to play word games. Places like Pogo.com offer the opportunity to chat with other players while solving puzzles. Sometimes this is not such a good thing if players are under twelve, though each player has the option of turning off chat. Talking with other players during the game can add to one’s enjoyment by making it more of a social experience.

Also important to think about is how many games a day are available. For example, sites like Pogo who offer crosswords and word searches only release one new puzzle per day. This can be frustrating if one is interested in playing more.

Free downloads are available at a number of websites. BigFishGames.com and Yahoo! Games are just two options to try. Both offer puzzle and word games.

If one is interested in winning prizes or contests, seek out sites like clubBing.com, Pogo or winster.com.

Another option for free word games is through social networking sites like Facebook. Scrabble, Classic Word Games, Word Challenge, Word Twist and Wordscraper are just a few of Facebook’s choices.

If looking for a specific word game such as Boggle, type “free Boggle” into a search engine. Being specific helps get the information much quicker. In this case, there were thousands of results for free Boggle, including the original creators, Hasbro, of the well-known game. An unanticipated result was free downloadable versions of the game.

Every word gamer probably already knows this but it bears repeating: word games are extremely addicting. It’s kind of like potato chips, nobody can eat just one. From one “word game-aholic” to another, be warned and be careful out there.

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