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Free Golf Games Online - Where Are The Best Choices For Free Golf Games Online?

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Golf fanatics when given the chance, would play the game without end. Thus it is no surprise to find a plethora of games now available on the Internet. Players are able to participate on almost every level imaginable, from putt-putt to a PGA tour simulation. The graphics have improved immensely from the early days as well, with vivid details of major venues such as Pebble Beach and Firestone Country Club. It is no wonder that even in the winter months; many duffers are sharpening the mental aspect of their game by shooting a virtual 18 holes on the World Wide Web.

There are plenty of popular choices for free golf games online. The fact that most of them are gratis doesn’t affect the quality of play whatsoever. Most of the sites use paid advertisements to be able to offer gamers a chance to try their luck at a course that wouldn’t normally be open to them. A good example is the aforementioned Pebble Beach site in California. Although it is a public 18, the green fees are in excess of 500 dollars per round. Most amateurs can’t afford that kind of money for a single game. This may have been what spurred game designers to invent the current virtual world of golf.

It doesn’t matter what skill level a player has, there is certainly an option available. Starting at putt-putt or mini golf courses, and working up to such challenges as the British Open, anybody can “tee it up” at one of these sites. Of course since all of them are free, some will require registration; typically an email address. This is so a user name and password can be sent, as well as a newsletter with updates on changes for the site. Web masters are constantly making improvements at the more popular places to play online, so players would be wise to do a little research before signing up a number of these venues.

One of the greatest simulations on the Internet is World Tour Golf. Here players can enjoy a full round of 18 holes at a variety of courses. The graphics are fully detailed, and the options are very similar to playing a real round at a favorite country club. Club selection occurs on every shot, so players can opt for whatever strikes their fancy. Wind conditions are also updated constantly as the various holes wind through the layout. Most of the settings are based upon an average player’s length, so once these are known, it is relatively easy to play the game. This doesn’t mean there is not a good deal of skill involved. Being able to plan for hazards and read the greens still requires a deft amount of touch with the mouse or pointing device. That makes the simulation more like real golf, since a small mistake in the swing will tend to push the ball off of the target line.

Just like in real golf, the virtual game can be frustrating at times. However, being able to play free golf games online is a bonus for many players, so they really don’t mind some of these drawbacks. That is one of the things which makes golf such an interesting sport. There is no opponent except the course itself, so honor is the biggest lesson learned by any player.

For gamers just looking to have some fun, there are alternative golf games to try. These include variations such as Cat Bow Golf, where players shoot their way around a virtual course. Gavin the Pro Golf Goblin features a simulation where it is all right to bash participants on the head, and wreck golf carts in the process. Driving Mad Golf is for those who just enjoy whacking balls at the driving range. There is even Disk Golf for those who enjoy the Frisbee version.

There are many different ways to enjoy free golf games online. Players can choose from a traditional 18 hole layout, or something quite deviant. Choices abound as to playing styles and skills levels. But rest assured, there is a game on the Internet for everyone who enjoys this sport, and can’t get enough when the weather isn’t conducive to play.

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