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Free Windows Games - How to Choose Which Free Windows Games are the Best for You

advertising based spyware computer

Because there are such a huge variety of free windows games available for quick, painless download off the Internet at a moment’s notice, really the only question is which free windows games are right for you?
Free windows games used to be scarcer. Even the lamest games were only available in a box with 100 other lame games at Office Depot for $39.99. Then you’d get home, discover there was nothing on the entire CD that you liked, and throw it away within the week. The only actually free windows games around were either text based Q-Basic mazes, or two gorillas throwing bananas at each other by calculating angle and velocity. I know you remember those days.
Then computer game programmers discovered advertising. Advertising is considered in many circles to be the all around world class hero when it comes to getting free stuff. Thanks to advertising, an entirely new marketing philosophy developed based on giving away a product in exchange for the consumer’s attention to an advertisement. All of a sudden free windows games with included advertising schemes began springing up around the globe, much like weeds only with points, bosses, and multiple levels that can keep you entertained for countless hours. Suddenly email websites were free. Suddenly you could upload your images and home movies to someone’s server and have them displayed completely for free for as long as you wanted. There are even actual “text brokering” services that will actually hire writers to write actual articles on a plethora of nonsensical subjects, and pay them actual money for it! —All in the name of advertising!
But I digress.
Despite all its benefits, advertising also leads to our first pitfall in choosing which free windows games are right for you. Many free windows games use an advertising scheme that entails embedding spyware into the gaming software. When you download these types of free windows games and install them onto your computer, the spyware latches itself onto your hard drive and begins taking note of all your activities. This information it then sends back to its mothership in cyberspace to educate her on what products to offer you, which you will be most likely to buy. This can slow down your computer by leaps and bounds and even block some of the programs that you use from working at all. Spyware is also extremely difficult to get rid of.
Most free windows games that include spyware are probably not right for you. Try to find a website that offers free windows games with a spyware-free guarantee, or at least one with a strong anti-spyware policy.
After that, it’s really up to your personal taste in free windows games.
There are adventure / role playing free windows games which give you the role of a prince, a warrior, or some other adventurer in a myriad of wild predicaments. These usually entail gaining experience points through battling adversaries, collecting weapons, and fighting through more and more difficult challenges to find the ultimate solution and live happily ever after.
There are classically styled free windows games based on those old arcade favorites you used to enjoy at the mall. These are generally 2D, brightly colored, and brilliantly conceived with cute characters and annoying sound effects. These free windows games don’t usually rely on mind boggling graphics and universes to catch your attention, but more on plot and style.
There are free windows games based on familiar board game prototypes. If you are the scrabble or chess type but find yourself fresh out of friends for a few hours, these might be perfect for you. Most of these board style free windows games you will probably find familiar to you and the rest you should be able to pick up easily. The computer generated opponents are wily and ingenious so be carefully which difficulty level you set. I suggest starting on easy mode for a healthy ego boost.
And then there are free windows games based on TV shows, free windows games that require you to shoot the heck out of aliens or other creatures, racing based free windows games, simulators, sports games, word games, even strategy games that involve mobilizing entire armies on the age old quest for world domination. It’s really up to you, but there are too many to ever get around to playing them all so choose wisely!

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