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Debt Free Services - Tired Of Being In Debt? Maybe These Debt Free Services Can Help

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Being in debt can be overwhelming and quite stressful. However, if you are ready to make a lifestyle change, and are committed to living a life free of debt, then reaching out to a debt free services company may be the right way to go. They will help you get on the road to financial freedom, without the nagging and ever-so-present existence of debt burdens.

What Exactly Are Debt Free Services?

Debt free services are usually offered by companies or organizations that help people who are in stressful financial constraints. The debt free services are usually tailored to meet each and every financial situation. Debt counseling services are also offered, as well as the debt free agency acting as a liaison between you and your creditors. These agencies are very keen on negotiating with the creditors and collection companies, and can often times get a better “deal” than you would on your own..

What Can I Expect When I Speak With A Debt Free Service Company?

The first thing that you can do is to get in contact with a reputable company who specializes in debt free services. You may commonly hear these companies being referred to as consolidation companies, debt relief companies, or credit counseling agencies. If you are looking to contact a company to assist you in debt relief, please be sure that you check their fee schedule, if any. Some companies will offer free sessions for certain, or all debt free services. Commonly, many companies will offer a free initial counseling session in order to determine your financial situation. Just make sure you know what debt free services are being offered, and the cost associated with each, before you agree to anything.

If you agree to to proceed with such debt free services , then the consultant will provide you with documents to review and sign. In those documents, will be a form which allows the debt free services company to become your “power of attorney” and act on your behalf, with regards to all of your creditors.

What Type Of Debt Free Services Are Available?

Nowadays, there are many debt free services that are offered to help you succeed in becoming debt free. Debt free services are designed and highly focused on providing you with several options to dissolve your debt. However, the most common debt fee services that are offered are the following:

Debt Consolidation

Your debt free services consultant will now begin contacting all of your creditors to start negotiating a payment plan that you can afford. Your interest rate or monthly payments negotiated with your creditors, in order to reduced the monthly payment to an affordable amount. Next, you will make one single payment to the debt free services company, who then distributes the money to all of your creditors.

Debt Settlement

This debt free service is used to lower or reduce the debt that you owe. Usually your consultant will attempt to lower the debt by 40-60%. Once, this is achieved, then you will pay one single payment to the debt free services company, then the money is then distributed amongst all creditors.

Debt Management

This is a type of debt free service is one that involves some credit counseling. The counselor will prepare a budget that will assist you in getting back on track financialy. The debt free services counselor may even assist in speaking with your creditors so that your interest rate and/or late fees can be reduced.


Yes, bankruptcy is a type of debt free service. It is advisable to use this type of option as a last resort. Bankruptcy severely hurts your credit score and can take up to seven years for you to start being eligible for credit again. However, if this is the only option for you, then no doubt … use it. However, just remember to try other debt free services or solutions before resorting to this action.

Self Debt Management

Some people who were severely in debt, where successful in managing their own debt and repayment plans. They were able to pick themselves up, lace up their boot-straps, and get themselves out of the shackles of debt. Simply put, it is not impossible! If you have the focus and tenacity, you can too become debt free. However, this type of technique will take lots of your time, will require a lot of research, and takes a tremendous amount of discipline. Among all the other debt free services, this will require you to become totally aware about debt and how it is to be effectively used. Please only use this type of method, if you are extremely confident that you have the awareness to change your life and stay debt free.

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