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Registry Clean Free - How And Why To Keep Your Windows Registry Clean For Free

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The Windows registry is a curious part of the operating system that has taken on a life of its own in the computer world. For casual computer users, they have probably never heard of it. For intermediate users, it can be a dark and mysterious labyrinth of cryptic and dangerous codes. For experienced computer technicians it is a place to find a wide array of information and fix a variety of performance problems.

One thing that most people know who have had to deal with the Windows registry is that it can be intimidating and dangerous to fool with if you are not completely sure exactly what you are doing.

At the core, the Windows Registry is a long list of options, locations and other information that the operating system and most applications running under Windows will need in order to work correctly.

The information stored in the registry can range from the last file you opened in Notepad to the location of a resource file needed for a program to load. It can really be used for anything since it acts like a universal ‘scratch pad’ for the entire computer.

When programs are installed or the operating system updated or changed, information is written to the registry to note these changes. Similarly, when a program is uninstalled or deleted through Windows, the information in the registry is removed along with the program files.

At least, that is how it is supposed to work.

There is no innate error checking within the registry. Information is written to it and saved. Later, when needed, an attempt is made to load and process the information by the program that needs it. If something is wrong, the program should be able to handle it. This is not always the case.

Poorly designed uninstallers or glitches in programs may allow invalid registry entries to remain in the database long after the program has been uninstalled. This same thing can happen with changes to the operating system itself (such as renaming a directory).

These left over, erroneous entries can slow a computer down when it boots up, while it is running, or even prevent programs from running altogether. Worst of all, there really is no practical way to sort through the potentially thousands of entries in the registry manually and remove them. For this, you will need a registry cleaner.

There are many programs which will perform a registry cleaning for free. These programs scrutinize each entry to make sure that file paths are accurate, that the programs are still installed, and that none of the entries come from spyware or malware. They will automatically repair wrong file paths and delete hazardous or outdated entries.

Two of the most trusted programs that perform these functions are called Spybot and HiJack This. These are freeware programs that have been around for many years. Each of them will analyze the registry and clean it for free.

After running a registry cleaner for free, the operating system should boot more quickly. This is because it is no longer acknowledging errors within the registry which slow the boot process down significantly. Especially since there can be hundreds of errors.

It is more difficult to keep a registry clean for free. This is because without having a program that constantly monitors the registry, the errors will not appear until you run the registry cleaner again. Registry monitoring programs usually cost money and are bundled with larger suites of software.

A clean registry will improve system performance by leaps and bounds. It can be done for free and takes very little time. There is no reason not to keep your registry clean for free.

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