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Free Criminal Record Check - Get a Free Criminal Record Check

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There are many people who have to file for criminal record checks due to different reasons. For instance, many jobs require that potential employees have a criminal background check before he or she will be hired for the position. This is particularly useful for employers in order to make sure that their employees do not make mistakes that they have made in the past. Therefore, this is a good reason for those who have criminal records and are applying for a job to make sure their criminal record is accurate. Many people may not know that certain criminal activities such as minor traffic violations and other offenses that are not considered felonies will disappear from one’s criminal record after a number of years. For this reason, some people may want to run their own free criminal record check before applying for a job or applying for rental housing.
Potential Employment
During the present, many people are looking for employment in almost any industry that is hiring. For this reason, the job market has become very competitive, and potential employers are requiring applicants to perform more screenings than in the past. Policies are more stringent on criminal records and some people may be turned down because of mistakes he or she has made in the past. Before applying for a position that requires a criminal background check, one may want to perform their own free criminal background check to make sure that he or she qualifies for the job before going through the hiring process only to find out they cannot be employed because of their record.
Housing Applications
Due to the looming financial and housing market crisis, many people have began looking to rental homes and apartments instead of purchasing a home. Because of this fact, apartment managers and rental agencies are requiring criminal background checks to be performed. Apartment complexes and rental agencies are now running background checks on their tenants to look for instances of criminal activities that would revolve around writing bad checks or some type of financial fraud. For this reason, anyone who has been guilty of writing a bad check may want to check their criminal records to see if the charge still appears. Writing bad checks are one instance of a criminal offense that is not a felony and will disappear after a few years. By performing a free criminal records check before applying to the rental agency or apartment manager, you will know if you qualify before you pay all of the upfront fees for application processing and criminal records checks.
How To Use the Free Criminal Background Checks
Traditionally, one can simply visit the county clerk of court office that he or she resides and get a criminal record search completed for free. However, during the present, most places that are requiring a criminal background check are looking for information on a national or state level. For these companies, there will be a need to perform a legitimate search and not a search on one of the free criminal background searches that do not reveal much information. When looking for a legitimate free criminal background check, the first place to go is the state website. Most states have a free criminal background check that one can perform, which will list all offenses from minor traffic violations to major offenses. This is mainly what apartment managers and employers are looking for. A legitimate free criminal background check will list the person’s name, current city that he or she resides, a social security number, and address. Also normally listed are the next of kin. If you find a free criminal background check company that lists all of these records, this will most likely qualify for your employment and housing needs. Remember, start at the state level first before you visit other websites that offer so-called free criminal background checks for employment and housing applications.

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