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Free Phone Directory - How to Find a Free Phone Directory Online

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There are many different sites on the Internet that claim to be a free phone directory but unfortunately are not really free. Many of them will claim to be free however once you’ve entered the information that is required for you to get an actual listed number, the site will then ask for a small payment for the information, ask for a credit card and sometimes require you to sign up for a membership to that particular site. These are the types of sites you want to avoid if you are looking for a free phone directory.

Depending on what sort of number you are trying to find, there are a few different sites that offer a free phone directory online that will not ask for payment or try to offer you any other services such as background checks, names of relatives or previous addresses of the person or persons you are trying to reach. For example, business phone numbers are the simplest and easiest to find a free phone directory for. Some of the sites you can look up the phone numbers of a business, easily and with no hassle, are listed below.

One of the fast and easy to use free phone directories is www.yellowbook.com. There is no charge to use the site and you will simply just need to know the name of the business and the location of it. You will not need to know the actual physical address of the business, just the city or town that it is located in. The bonus with this site is that it also provides you with an address to the business along with the phone number, for free, without having to request it.

Another site that offers the same services is www.whitepages.com. This is actually one of the most convenient choices when looking for a free phone directory. This particular site offers a free business number look-up as well as an individual or residential phone number look-up. You can simply type in either the business or the individual you are trying to find a number for and the results are instant, as well as free.

Another bonus to this particular site is that it offers a reverse number look-up. This means that you can type a number into the correct field and in most cases the site will tell you which person or business that number belongs to. This comes in handy when someone calls your home and your caller ID picks up a number but not a name. This handy phone directory service is also offered to you for free.

There are many other free phone directories available online across the Internet. While checking into the two mentioned above, you may want to try a web search to look into the services of some of them. There are some phone directories that are offered to you for free that have information bases for only specific cities or states that may contain some numbers that don’t come through on the above-mentioned sites.

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almost 3 years ago

I tried white pages and they are a scam that diverts you to a pay site when you ask for the number

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over 4 years ago

You said info was free but you are a huge liar

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over 4 years ago

worthless web site.