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Free Internet Dating Service - How to Choose the Right Free Internet Dating Service

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The dating world today is remarkably different from a mere five years ago, largely due to the emergence of online dating websites. Almost 20% of all intimate relationships today start online, and more singles have decided to give it a try for the first time. Many people have the misconception that online dating services require a monthly fee; while this may be true for a handful of websites, hundreds of free internet dating services exist. However, these free services can greatly range in quality and overall satisfaction, so discerning taste is required. Today, we’ll examine the steps involved in choosing the right free internet dating service for you.

In choosing a free internet dating service, it is important to first identify your dating goals before ever signing up. More specifically, are you interested in just socializing with others online, or actually having the potential for a face-to-face meeting? In the latter case, also ask yourself how far would you be willing to travel to meet your soul mate. Member location is an extremely important factor in choosing the right dating service. The largest free internet dating services operate on a global scale, and thus most of the available singles will often live in different states, and sometimes different countries.

On the other hand, if you’ve decided that you’re only interested in dating local singles, you can search for a free internet dating service that caters exclusively to your area. Certain websites are tailored for specific states, and sometimes even cities.

Once you’ve decided on a few specific websites based on member location, it might seem tempting to immediately sign up for a free profile and start dating. However, at this point, it is essential to determine how well you like the website. Instead of making a real profile, create a “dummy” profile, just to test the website out. Do you like the interface? Does the messaging system work well? If you have trouble operating the website itself, it isn’t a good fit.

A dummy profile is also important for another reason: creating a dating profile puts a great deal of one’s personal information online. If you aren’t sure the website is worth staying on, why risk posting more personal information on the internet than absolutely necessary? Don’t take the time or effort to make a profile until you’re absolutely sure the free internet dating service in question is right for you.

Using these dummy profiles, search for singles you may actually be interested in dating. Send them a message – just a friendly greeting – and wait for a response. Sometimes, a free internet dating service will post fake profiles that send automated responses, just to attract new members. Only sign up for a dating website once you are absolutely sure that the other singles are actually human and not computer programs.

Your dummy profiles can also help determine whether the website has any hidden fees. Many times, a website marketed as a free internet dating service will let users sign up for free profiles, only to reveal that actually communicating with potential matches costs money. These websites are worth neither the time nor the effort required to sign up for, and because the hidden fees are never mentioned on the front page, using a dummy profile is the only reliable way to determine whether the service is truly free or not.

Finally, before actually creating your real profile, spend a few days reading independent reviews of the service. More specifically, look for success stories, especially from individuals who ended up marrying someone they were matched with online. However, don’t just read positive reviews – see what negative things other singles are saying about the website. Remember to take both types of reviews with a grain of salt; overly positive reviews may actually be clever advertisements written by the company, and extremely negative reviews may be the result of one person’s bad date reflecting on the entire service. In addition, reading independent reviews also gives a potential member a bit of perspective on the singles using the service.

At this point, if a free internet dating service has met all the above criteria and seems appealing from your experiments with dummy profiles, go ahead and make your real profile! You won’t regret taking the time to choose the right service for your dating needs.

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