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Free Law Advice - How to Get Free Law Advice From the Experts

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Federal, state, and local laws can be confusing to anyone that has not formally studied or obtained a degree in law. These laws can be especially confusing to those that find themselves in a legal dilemma. Fortunately, those that are unaware of where to turn may find help in the form of free law advice from judges, attorneys, and other legal experts.

There are many different ways of obtaining free law advice. One way is to take advantage of the many legal advice services that are currently on the internet. Websites like TheLaw, FreeAdvice, TheLawGuru, and JustAnswer.Legal allow users to ask questions, browse through useful materials, and get free law advice from experienced legal experts.

The great thing about using these websites is that users can easily gain access to materials that answer legal questions similar to their own. When unfamiliar with a legal subject, many people are uncertain of what questions to ask in order to receive the information that they need. These archived articles and questions give users access to important information that they may not have previously known that they needed in order to receive the best advice possible.

Additionally, users that have a specific question are invited to ask legal experts and receive free law advice. The legal experts that are employed by many of these websites are not just scholars, but professionals that are practicing law and are experienced in dealing with different court systems. For example, the LawGuru team is made up of over 5,000 working lawyers, each of which take the time to answer legal questions completely free.

Another way to receive free law advice is to browse a number of law forums that are used by attorneys, legal experts, and the general public, as a platform from which to ask questions, gather information, and discuss various laws and legal issues. Three examples of these forums are WorldLawDirect, TheAttorneysForum, and Forum.FreeAdvice. These forums give users the opportunity to get their questions answered by knowledgeable experts, while browsing similar topics.

Free law advice may also be obtained by contacting an attorney. An easy way to contact an attorney is to select an attorney that specializes in your type of legal problem and sending them a quick e-mail. In your e-mail, briefly explain your situation, while asking the question that you would like to have answered. Within your e-mail, be sure to leave your name, phone number, and other pertinent information, as the attorney may feel the need to speak with you before answering your question, especially in complicated situations. While some experts may see this as working for free, many experienced attorneys will make extra efforts to build relationships, as this is a great way of securing potential clients.

Additionally, meeting with an attorney for a free consultation is another great way of gaining free law advice. Many attorneys are willing to meet with a potential client for free in order to answer important questions, gain trust, and secure new business. However, in order to make the most of the meeting, it is important for advice seekers to be fully prepared for their consolation. Make sure to bring along a list of questions, any pertinent tickets or documentation, as well as identification. While meeting with an attorney may require more effort than sending a quick e-mail, this is a great way to get complicated legal questions answered, while gaining an understanding of the legal process.

When seeking free law advice, it is important to keep a few things in mind. The first thing to remember is that attorneys are interested in making money, as this is their profession. Therefore, while a first consultation many be free, any additional meetings or consultations will probably be considered chargeable. It is also important to remember that an attorney is answering questions and offering free meetings as a way of earning your business. If an attorney makes your case sound like an easy win or seems to be only telling you what you want to hear in order to win your business, it is advisable to seek a second opinion. Fortunately, when asking the right questions to experienced and knowledgeable experts, it is very possible to get free law advice and gain a better understanding of your legal situation.

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almost 6 years ago

Hi can u help me to explain this situation??Thanks for your help a lot.

Parking at Owner’s Risk. Take Ticket from Machine.
Pay when Leaving.”

Howard put the ticket in his pocket without looking at it and the barrier went up automatically. Howard drove into the car park and parked his car. When he returned to go home, he found it flattened beneath a large concrete pipe, which had fallen from a crane owned by the parking station proprietors working on an adjacent building.

The parking ticket had the following notice printed on it.

It is a condition of the issue of this ticket that vehicles are parked on these premises at the owner’s risk and responsibility. The proprietors of this car park accept no responsibility for loss or damage to vehicles in the parking area whether caused by negligence or in any manner whatsoever.”

Discuss the law relating to liability for damage to the car in these circumstances, stating fully the principles involved. Give the strengths of the cases for the plaintiff car owner and the defendant proprietors. Does the Australian Consumer Law apply to it?