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Free Ringtones For Nextel - How to Get Free Ringtones for Nextel Phones

1. download free ringtones editing files into ringtones

Free ringtones can bring personality to your Nextel phone. Need a ringtone for your boss’s calls? Try the Jaws theme song or the opening track from “The Office.” Want a ringtone that makes you smile? Set up your favorite song, a classic comedian, or ridiculous sound effects. It’s easy to get free Nextel ringtones! Here are some top strategies.

1. Download Free Ringtones

Many legitimate ringtone sites offer free monophonic ringtones, polyphonic ringtones, and MP3 song snippets or realtones. Some scam-free sites for Nextel ringtones include:

- Sprint.com: Ever since the Nextel-Sprint merger, Sprint.com is the easiest place to go for Nextel ringtone downloads. The company’s Digital Lounge charges for most ringtones and callback tones, but it frequently has free ringtone promotions. Customers can find codes for free Digital Lounge downloads through Google searches, Sprint and Nextel user forums, and general coupon code trading sites.

- Myxer.com: This user-friendly site offers thousands of free ringtones for virtually every model of mobile phone. Its generous selection includes plenty of high-fidelity songs. Myxer’s free service is made possible with profits from its premium ringtones.

- Tonzr.com: A smart business concept at Tonzr satisfies all! Visitors have access to 8,000,000 free, high-quality, 30-second ringtones. The webmaster profits when people like a ringtone so much that they purchase the entire MP3.

- Ventones.com: The Ventones site doesn’t look as slick as others, but it offers a useful and honest service. People can download free ringtones – especially sound effects ringtones – and modify their own audio files for ringtone use.

Important Notes about Downloading Free Nextel Ringtones

- Virtually all Nextel phones lack the ability to receive ringtones via text or Bluetooth. A data cable can be used to transfer ringtones from a computer to a Nextel phone. Another option is to transfer audio files to a mobile phone account through www.SprintUsers.com.

- In order to handle new ringtones, some Nextel phones require free software called a Java application loader or jal. A free jal CD may be available from Sprint. Jals can also be downloaded for free and transferred from a PC to a phone with a data cable.

- People should take care when trying to download ringtones for free. Plenty of scam sites survive because customers don’t read the small print! Scam sites automatically enroll people in monthly or yearly pay plans in exchange for a supposedly free tone.

2. Make Free Nextel Ringtones

Ringtones are computer files. If you can read this article, then you can probably make a ringtone yourself! You have two main options: composing a ringtone or altering an existing audio file.

Composing Free Ringtones for Nextel Phones

Cell phone ringtone composers are installed on some models of Nextel phones. Composers can also be downloaded and installed for free. A composer lets people create simple music files by playing music with the keypad tones. Phone-friendly “sheet music” can be found online.

Editing Files Into Ringtones

A second option is to alter MP3 and WAV files. People can do this after downloading free software or by visiting a ringtone website that offers free online editing tools. Many sites provide free access to vast libraries of audio files uploaded by other users. At the reputable websites below, some options for customization include choosing specific sound clips from songs and adding fade-in/fade-out effects.

- MPTrim.com
- MyTinyPhone.com
- Myxer.com
- Ventones.com

These free ringtones for Nextel phones can be transferred through the Sprint user website or with a data cable.

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