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Free Photo Edit - Free Photo Edit Software Is Available With Plenty Of Features And Fun

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Computer software meant for picture editing has always been notorious for being both complicated to learn and expensive to purchase.

In addition, there are those folks who have bought a program of this kind for the purpose of being able to do only slight alterations to their photographs such as removing red eye effects.

What these people didn’t know before spending their money is that there are plenty of programs in the cyberspace world offering free photo edit capabilities.

Following is a list of the top free photo edit websites:

Picasa: Offered through Google at www.picasa.google.com, Picasa allows for easy photo editing and sharing of the finished product with friends and family with the ease of clicking on a single “Share” button. Photos can be shown as either singular shots or in one big album.

Free photo edit features include reducing the red eye effect, cropping certain portions of the picture to take out unnecessary background, changing the lighting contained within the picture, and editing the overall colors.

Also included in this free downloadable package are the abilities to make one’s photos into a slide show for sharing, place them strategically on a global map to present them in a more creative and interesting way to the viewing public, and finally, the owner of the photos can geo-tag them using the Google Maps feature so the time and place they were taken won’t have a chance to be forgotten.

Picnik: Next in the order of free photo edit websites is the one representing Picnik at www.picnik.com. This particular software has ease of use as one of its core advantages. Users are able to be walked through the process of finding where their photos are stored on their computer, or where on certain websites they may be (such as Facebook or MySpace).

After finding the picture folder, Picnik gives its users the power to crop and rotate photos, take out red eye, and alter color and lighting.

Once the above task is complete, it is time to have fun with the software as it offers the photographer the ability to customize an image beyond his or her wildest imagination.

For example, Picnik has a vast selection of frames to choose from to enhance the look of one’s online photo. Also available are several different designs and styles of fonts to play around with, along with an array of special effects that can easily be added to the picture display such as a general collage, a fancy collage, or a slide show of the event itself.

Picnik will also make special order items out of an owner’s photos – mugs, calendars, greeting cards, posters, books, wrapping paper, and canvas print are some choice items to customize.

FotoFlexer: FotoFlexer touts itself as “the world’s most advanced online photo editor.”

Not only do photo enthusiasts have the capability to alter their photo’s size, red eye, color, and light, they can also transform the entire look of the picture altogether as FotoFlexer permits a user to change the hair and skin color of the photo’s subjects. There is also a feature called “doodling” which is the process whereby someone essentially takes an online paintbrush or marker to distort the photo or decorate it with their own kind of creativity.

Retouching is another power given to the user of FotoFlexer. This free photo edit software will take the wrinkles out of a photographed person’s skin, and remove a mole or other blemish that may overwhelm the picture (such as that pimple begotten on homecoming night with no way to hide it from the eye of the camera lens).

The site located at www.fotoflexer.com also has the key to ultimate creativity on the part of the user. Flipping a photo’s position and using different fonts and frames to improve the picture’s look is just the start, as those who use this free photo edit software are also given the chance to make their photos appear in an “old” style, sepia toned, or black and white.

For those who enjoy the hobby of photography but don’t like spending money on specialized computer software, there are many ways to go when it comes to the free photo edit route.

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