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Free Health Quotes - Obtaining Free Health Quotes for Insurance

getting started obtaining a free health quote

Anyone interested in obtaining health insurance can get free health quotes with ease. There are several internet sites that provide free health insurance quotes with no obligation to purchase policies. This is the best way to determine which health insurance plan is best for individual coverage, family coverage, or business owners.

Many people have lost employer-sponsored health insurance due to job cutbacks, companies that can no longer afford insurance for employees, or individuals that have started their own businesses. Millions of Americans are researching individual insurance or private health insurance to get information and free health quotes.

Getting Started

The first step in looking for free health quotes on insurance is to determine the type of health policy that is right for the individual and/or family. There are several different types of insurance, all with benefits and features that mean protection from catastrophic financial losses in case of illness.

•Individual health insurance will provide protection for just one person. No one else will be covered on the policy, and premium payments to the insurance company will be just for the person defined on the policy.

•Family health insurance covers the individual purchasing the policy, as well as any family members identified. Family members generally must be immediate family only, which would include spouse and/or children.

•Student health insurance is generally for the college-bound child. The child may need her own insurance because the parents are enrolled in a managed care plan, and she is going to college outside the plan’s service area. Whatever the reason, there are health insurance plans specifically for college students for the term of coverage and location required.

•Short term major medical plans are for those “in-between” times when basic coverage is needed for a specific period of time. A person purchasing these types of plan could be a retired person who is not yet age-eligible for Medicare and needs short-term temporary health coverage. These policies have limits on the duration of coverage.

•Mini-Meds are policies that are for people who are uninsurable with traditional insurance companies due to pre-existing medical conditions which often results in policy rejection by insurers. These plans have limits on coverage, and are not designed to cover catastrophic care. They are often negotiated provider discounts, or plans that pay specific dollar amounts, such as $500 a day for hospital stays for up to 100 days.

Obtaining a Free Health Quote

Getting a free health quote for insurance is easy. There are many sites online, but always go to a reputable site, preferably one that will provide several quotes from different insurers and who is not pressuring for a sale. Examples of some specific information that will be required in order to provide the free health quote include:

•State of residence – this is important because health care costs differ in different regions of the country. Also, sites will be researching insurers who write policies in the state of residence requested.

•Basic demographics, including age – the age of the person/s requesting insurance is important due to the actuarial tables used to determine health risks. A young male of 23 in good health that does not drink or smoke is likely to be less risky in terms of health problems than an older male of 55.

•Health status – questions will be asked about current and past medical history. These questions will include any problems the individual may have, such as high blood pressure, allergies, back pain, surgeries, as well as any medications the individual is currently taking for medical conditions. The insurer may also ask about family medical history to determine the likelihood of hereditary illnesses and diseases.

It is very important to be totally truthful in answering these questions. If an individual files a claim for medical coverage and the insurer researches and determines that truthful information was not provided, the claim may be denied and coverage canceled.

There are health insurance policies available for people who are not insured through an employer group, and obtaining free health quotes is easy. Always get several quotes before making a final determination, and check with the local Insurance Commissioner to ensure that the company selected is solvent.

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