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Send Text Messages Free - Ways to Send Text Messages Free From Your Computer

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Addicted to text messaging your friends but tired of spending a fortune on your cell phone bill? Do you wish there was a way to send text messages for free? There are some messages that can’t wait until your friend gets home and logs on to Facebook. There are some things too important to not be said right away, and received right away. And these days, doesn’t just about everything fall into that category?
Well, I have great news for you. There are many ways to send text messages free from your computer. In fact, three specific ways are so easy that anyone with an Internet connection and an urgent message can enjoy them. I am going to explain these three easy ways to send text messages free from your PC in great detail right here, using 700 words or less.

Way Number One to Send Text Messages Free From Your Computer: Third Party Websites
There are number of top quality, advertising based websites that attract visitors by offering to send text messages free to any number. The way these sites work is by building up a broad base of regular visitors offering a number of free services—among them the ability to send text messages for free. Once they have enough visitors to their site, they market these numbers to advertisers in exchange for cash. The gimmick of offering to send text messages for free is especially attractive to advertisers because, using cookies, these websites can remember the words you use in your text message and, with the help of keyword specific marketing, better target their advertising to you the next time you come around.
A great website that allows you to send text messages free in exchange for a little harmless advertising is www.text4free.net. One of the best sites to send text messages free from, www.text4free.net allows you select your provider from a list of over 150 worldwide cell phone services, even helping you get the number right by suggesting valid number formats for the different providers. You are allowed an unlimited number of messages, each with a length of 140 characters. You may send the same message to more than one number at a time if you wish, and you may even attach a picture, graphic, or small audio file to your message.

Way Number Two to Send Text Messages Free From Your Computer: Yahoo Messenger
Yes, believe it or not, Yahoo Messenger also allows you sent text messages for free to your friends. If you have cell phone numbers stored for your contacts you can send text messages for free to them by simply right clicking on their name and choosing the option that says “Send SMS Message.” Enter your message, click send, voila.
You can also send text messages for free to cell phone numbers of people who aren’t yet in your contacts list. Choose “Send an SMS message” from the Actions menu, click the tab that reads “Other contacts,” and type in the number to which you would like to send text messages free.
This completely free service is available to cell phone networks throughout the United States and Canada, as well as India, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Way Number Three to Send Text Messages Free From Your Computer: Email
That’s right, sending text messages for free can be as simple as sending an email. It turns out that every cell phone network works just like an email service. If you know the suffix of your cell phone provider or the cell phone provider your friends use, you can send text messages for free to them as many times as you want simply using your email.
You can find out the email network suffix of your provider at www.funsms.net/email2sms.htm. Then, send an email to phonenumber@provider. For instance, if the provider is AT&T, and the phone number is 0123456789, you would send an email to 0123456789@mobile.att.net
The length of your message is sometimes limited by your service provider. If your friends do not have text messaging included in their cell phone plan, although you can still send text messages free to them, it might cost them a small fee to receive your messages.

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