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Free Server Hosting - Why You Shouldn't Use Free Server Hosting

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These days, finding something for a great deal or even for free is a big accomplishment and it can really help you out financially. With the recent major sway toward internet marketing, more and more people have found themselves wanting to obtain server space so that they can get their own website hosted. Of course, web hosting costs money, and in some cases with some features, it can cost a lot. This has made many people turn to any possible solutions that would provide them free server hosting. Free server hosting sounds great because of the absence of monthly fees and costs, but you might want to look closer at what exactly you’re getting for free.

The old addage, “You get what you pay for,” is definitely true in this situation. First of all, with free hosting, you can never expect to get a short domain. 99% of the time, you will be left or stuck with a domain that has a slash or two, or even a few dots and it won’t exactly be as short as you’d like it to. Of course, you could then purchase a domain and direct it to your free hosting, but you’d be paying money after all, wouldn’t you? Free domains aren’t much to look at either. They can also be lengthy, and they usually aren’t anything major such as .com or .net.

The next problem with free server hosting is the fact that you could be dealing with an unreliable hosting provider. If you aren’t exactly sure who’s server you’re signing up with, how are you supposed to know if this server is outdated and unreliable? What happens when the server experiences lots of downtime (offline periods) and you’re actually monetizing your website? These are things that should really be considered, because it’s an absolute possibility if you’re receiving free server hosting.

Another problem with free hosting is the advertising that providers use on your site to make up for your “free service.” If you happen to go with free hosting and find that your site is cluttered with ads, don’t go straight to checking your code. This is an issue that’s out of your control, and more than likely has something to do with the hosting provider. Free server hosting providers place advertisements on your site to make up for the money that you aren’t paying them. Think you’re getting a great deal with your free server hosting? Think again.

Lastly, security may not be existent with free server hosting providers. Because you are not paying for anything, the server host can delete your files, modify them, move them, etc. If you’re not periodically back your site up, this could mean serious trouble if the host is feeling stingy one day.

It’s best to go with a paid host rather than a free server hosting provider. You’ll more than likely get better customer service, and better service overall. Trusting your files and confidentiality with an unknown hosting provider is one of the worst things you could do. Either find a paid host with good ratings, are keep your files to yourself!

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