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Free Hard Drive Recovery - Why There Are Options For Free Hard Drive Recovery

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Data recovery is an absolutely necessary buy for hundreds of businesses and private computer owners. Unfortunately, it tends to be a very expensive service, and it’s very difficult to find free hard drive data recovery.

Most of the options for free hard drive recovery will come in the form of data recovery programs offered online. There are a few open source options, and free demos from companies like Ontrack and DataRecovery.com which offer users the ability to recover files that have been deleted or corrupted. While many of these programs are free to install and use, they sometimes have a serious caveat: in order to actually reconstruct the recovered files, you’ll have to pay some type of fee for the data recovery software. Nevertheless, there are some genuine free options, although the names of these options change each year; if you find a website offering free data recovery software, be sure to scan the files with a virus scanner before installing them to your computer, and be sure to read any attached terms and conditions, particularly if you’re downloading the software from a data recovery company’s website.

Software is only an option for people with fully functional hard drives, however. Running data recovery software on a damaged hard drive can be catastrophic, and can make a successful data recovery much more difficult. If your hard drive is making any sorts of clicking sounds, or if you have reason to believe that a physical or electrical issue is causing your problem, it’s not a good idea to use any type of free data recovery software. Instead, you’ll need physical hard drive data recovery, and this can be much more difficult to resolve—and much more expensive—than deletion or minor corruption problems.

There are several reasons why physical hard drive recovery is so difficult. First of all, to open a hard drive and perform any sort of work on the delicate components, it’s important to have a class 100 clean room. These clean rooms are also found in medical facilities, and they’re very expensive to set up and maintain. There are also a number of other instruments that data recovery engineers use in their jobs, from firmware repair tools to special electronics, and in order to switch out the components of hard drives, they might also need exact duplicates. This involves buying very specific parts, even more specific than a hard drive’s model number, which requires a good working relationship with hard drive manufacturers and hard drive parts companies. On top of all of this, only highly trained engineers can perform data recovery work. It’s almost impossible to offer free data recovery even in individual cases for no gain, as each case can cost hundreds of dollars to complete. This is why most data recovery companies will flat out refuse a request for free data recovery work.

There are exceptions, of course. Occasionally, data recovery companies will offer free recovery to steady clients or to especially interesting clients in order to issue press releases that will help them promote their company. Data recovery companies won’t offer free data recovery in any other circumstances, although there are a number of ways to get discounts off of the cost of the service. Customers who are willing to write testimonial letters are often able to get discounts, and by doing a quick search online, it’s sometimes possible to find special offer codes and promotional discounts. These discounts can be extremely different from one data recovery company to the next, and they expire very regularly, so it’s best to wait to look for discounts until you actually need data recovery.

When you’re looking for data recovery, the best thing that you can do is get quotes from as many companies as you can find, and try to haggle with each data recovery provider. You probably won’t be able to get free data recovery, but you can definitely get a lower than average cost for your case if you’re willing to put in enough work. As hard drive data recovery can cost well over one thousand dollars per case, it’s always worth your time to try to get the cheapest option possible from a reputable data recovery company.

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