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Chat Rooms For Free - How to Make Yourself Understood in Chat Rooms--For Free!

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Communication is one of the simple joys of the human experience. It’s no wonder that ever since the dawn of the Internet one of the most popular attractions for logging on has been the possibilities the Internet opens up for communication with other people. Signing into chat rooms for free and whiling away hours with complete strangers has drawn millions of people and possibly even bettered their lives through the interaction this experience offers.
When you log on to Internet chat rooms for free, you may find that, even though vaguely recognizable as English, the people inside speak a different language. Picturesque communication is accomplished effectively through mutually understood abbreviations, acronyms, and a huge shortage of vowels.
Some say that, due to the availability of chat rooms for free and the supposed butchering of the English language that takes place within these rooms, the norms of literacy among those who frequent chat rooms for free is rapidly declining. Because the diverse users who are accessing chat rooms for free need to share information as quickly and explicitly as possible without the usual of vocal tones or facial expressions, a new form of keyboard slang has emerged and is continually evolving. This “chatspeak” essentially tries to capture emotions and moods through the use of metaphorical symbols and intuitive text based expressions. Below, I have listed a few of the more common chat expressions and their meanings.

All Caps
Writing in all capital letters is generally understood amongst the chat underworld to be a computerized form of screaming. GO AHEAD, TRY IT YOURSELF NEXT TIME YOU CHAT IN SOME CHAT ROOMS FOR FREE. Notice how it even intuitively looks like screaming, drawing attention to the capitalized text much how a raised voice would draw attention. Also like screaming, typing in all capital letters has been rumored to be therapeutic for the thorough release of suppressed emotions.

Number and Letter Replacements
In order to communicate faster in chat rooms for free, it has become acceptable to use single numbers or letters as a type of shorthand replacement for the longer words that those numbers or letters sound like. For instance, “4” can be used as either “for,” “four,” or “fore.” “2” may be used as “to,” “too,” or “two.” “U” can replace “you,” and “k” can replace “okay.”
This number and letter replacement style of lingo is highly intuitive and may be exploited or even adapted as each user desires. Number and letter replacements can also be used in chat rooms for free together with various suffixes or prefixes to broaden their versatility. For instance “2” may be used in conjunction with “night,” to make “2night.” This can be further shortened to “2nite,” a total of merely five letters replacing the original seven, while still allowing the meaning and intent to be clearly understood.

Practically any way to spell a longer word with fewer letters is acceptable. “Appointment” can be abbreviated to the concise and classy “appt,” cutting out seven unnecessary letters as well as the amount of time it would take to find them on the keyboard, while still getting across the idea that you want to set a date to meet with someone.

Although concerns among critics for the purity of the English language are continually voiced, many are finding that when communicating with this new generation of Internet users in chat rooms for free, the use of correct spelling and perfect grammar is often seen as hypocritical and arrogant. However you may see it, adopting some of these language variants in your online communications, especially in chat rooms for free, does not have to affect the integrity of your spoken or written language elsewhere. For many, this has been an enriching way of reaching out to cultures different from their own and sharing new experiences that have both enhanced their lives and increased their fundamental understanding of others.
You can find chat rooms for free which specialize in any topic you are interested in or would like to be interested in. There are entire online communities where people just like you gather to share and enrich their lives and, no matter who you are, you are sure to be welcome.

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