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Free Virtual Pets - Free Virtual Pets – What They Are and What They Do

the interactive virtual pet experience

In an age when it seems like everything has some kind of virtual counterpart or connection, the idea of virtual pets still has a slightly bizarre ring to it. Be that as it may, this is a growing online phenomenon. There are many advantages to having virtual rather than real pets, not the least of which is that they are usually free (though that can be said of many real pets too). Let’s take a look at what virtual pets are and some other assorted information about them.

What is a free virtual pet?

A free virtual pet is a pet is a kind of program (or at least a specific collection of data manipulated by more generalized programming) – an image of a pet that can be “adopted” at a variety of online sites. The adoption consists of choosing and sometimes creating a pet. The image of the pet then begins its life under your care. The pet actually grows and develops and must be virtually fed and cared for in order to sustain its virtual life. The program has parameters which allow for these life like processes to occur.

What kinds of virtual pets can be adopted?

There are, as one might imagine, a huge variety of free virtual pets that can be adopted. Not only this, but the pet owner has a large degree of creative input into the design of the pet itself. The pet adopter often chooses a species of animal which can range from the usual dogs and cats to exotic creatures like tigers, frogs, turtles, or snakes. There are often a variety of visual and other parameters that can be changed so that the end result is a personalized virtual pet.

What does a virtual pet do?

Usually along with the virtual pet comes an entire virtual environment with a wide range of activities. There may be graphical simulation or just cartoonish type environments through which the virtual pet navigates and spends its time. Often these environments include the virtual town in which the pet lives, its place of residence (i.e. a house), and other areas where certain activities take place.
The pet activities are numerous. It can eat, drink, sleep, play games (sometimes with other pets), and even message you, the owner, saying what it needs. They often even go to the bathroom and the owner has to clean up after them.

The interactive virtual pet experience

These pets are endowed with abilities that real world pets would find difficult. They are interactive in the sense that they can chat with their owners, with other pets, play games, participate in competitions, and even be hired to various job positions. Working at these jobs or placing high in competitions allows these pets to earn money which their owners can use to buy luxury items like fancy pet toys or accessories (scooters, etc). It is even possible for an owner to actually chat with a pet in a chat window.
In addition to this, the pets have profile pages and personalized blogs on which activities are recorded and comments can be made. Pet owners can interact with other virtual pet owners, read their blogs, and chat with them in chat rooms or forums. Games, competitions, or other activities between pets can be arranged in these socialization areas.

How to adopt a virtual pet

To adopt a virtual pet of your own there are many sites you can check out. Simply visit these sites and follow the easy instructions for adopting a virtual pet. A few of the top sites include: Neopets.com, ClubPenguin.com, Chikapets.com, Petnebula.com, Powerpets.com, MoshiMonsters.com, and GoPets.com. The majority of virtual pet adoption sites are totally free and offer a lot of fun and interactive activities that go along with raising your virtual pet. In this increasingly virtual world, virtual pets seem like something of an inevitability. They occupy the place formerly held exclusively by crying baby dolls, realistic barking dogs and numerous other toys of that ilk. This suggests that the sense of caring for a relatively helpless party is one that children seek in their attempt to develop into adults. The main reason to learn responsibility is so that others do not suffer from one’s negligence. These virtual pets demonstrate this learning principle as it is now taking form in the digital information arena.
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