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Oak Kitchen Furniture - How to choose oak for the kitchen furniture of your dreams

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For good looks that last for years, it is hard to beat oak kitchen furniture. This sturdy wood stands up to nearly anything a growing family can dish out, and still look great. Unlike some woods, oak furniture will not begin wobbling after a few years, and will withstand some pretty hard knocks by kids, books, backpacks, and shopping bags.

Oak kitchen furniture can range from casual to classy. Finishes can run from light honey amber to dark Kona brown. Oak lends itself to any style of furniture you choose, from traditional to ultra modern.

Some kitchens have eating areas within its space, while others have family eating areas off to the side, or formal dining rooms in the same place. No matter your kitchen arrangement, you can find beautiful oak kitchen furniture to fill it.

Older or larger houses for blended families can have large kitchens that can accommodate chairs and a table, with room for a hutch or sideboard. The hutch may hold the everyday dishes, or hold and display more formal holiday items used for special occasions.

By and large, the kitchen furniture sitting within these areas need to be strong and resilient, as everything and anything from school books, cooking equipment, and groceries will be dumped upon it.

Depending on the size of the family, a long rectangular or oval oak table fits well, along with chairs that either match or compliment the table. Trestle tables, pedestal tables, and mission style tables can all fit these larger spaces, with leaves left in the table or stowed away elsewhere. Bench style seating and the more traditional ladder back and arrow back chairs fit nicely. A newer type of chairs called saddle seat and double chairs, perfect for larger folks, fit in well with this oaken configuration.

These larger kitchens also can have room for kitchen islands and butcher blocks in the center of the action, and buffets or sideboards along a wall. The kitchen islands usually have underneath storing that butcher blocks don’t, for holding knives or other implements, pots, pans, and colanders, or wine bottles. The butcher blocks are perfect for food prep such as chopping, slicing, and the like, but also gives a clear space for assembling or decorating dishes of food. Oak has the versatility to lend itself to these items.

The buffet tables can hold full meals for potluck service, or when members of the family eat at different times. Buffet tables also can have ample storage space, and oak is strong enough to hold larger items like soup tureens or platters, or newer buffets can have wine storage underneath.

Smaller kitchens may have room for a homey retro oak nook, or a smaller table and chair arrangement. Small tables that accommodate four chairs are called gathering tables, and lend themselves to intimate meals. Pub tables and their matching chairs all have legs about barstool height; these lend themselves well to people with back problems, those who only have time for a quick nosh before dashing out again, and those who enjoy a current, fashionable table arrangement.

Speaking of barstools, oak figures in high quality stools for a kitchen counter. Kids especially like to eat and do their homework up high while their parents putter in the kitchen; it’s a good arrangement for conversation and catching up on the day.

A new piece of kitchen furniture that is gaining popularity is call the wine server. These look something like entertainment centers, but the entertainment in this case is good wine. Oak wine servers come in many sizes and many styles, but all include racks for wines, glassed in areas for special bottles, decanters, and fancy crystal. There are drawers for corkscrews, stoppers, and other wine lover’s paraphernalia.

Oak kitchen furniture is truly at the forefront of home decoration these days. Good hard oaken wood has the ability to be turned and shaped into beautiful and graceful pieces of home decoration that can be lovely, sturdy, and practical at the same time. Several current styles can be mixed and matched for a truly stunning and personalized design effect.

A beautiful kitchen of oak furniture is as near as a quality website and a little imagination.

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