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Country Kitchen Furniture - How to Select Country Kitchen Furniture

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When designing a country style kitchen, the furniture and decor options could seem overwhelming. There is an extensive variety of furniture pieces available that will allow you to create the ideal country kitchen. However, the beauty of the final design is determined by how well the furniture you select fits into your specific space. In order to enjoy your country kitchen it is imperative that you choose furniture that will accommodate your lifestyle.

One of your most important furniture pieces will be the kitchen table. A farmhouse table or some type of wooden, possibly rustic, table would be most appropriate in a country kitchen. The table should be large enough to comfortably seat your family but should not consume an overwhelming amount of space in your kitchen. You will want to leave room to add some additional furniture to complete your country kitchen design.

Farmhouse chairs and ladder back chairs are two popular styles for a country kitchen. You can select cushion or chair pads that correspond with the theme of your kitchen decor. You might want to use a combination of chairs and nostalgic wooden benches at you kitchen table. This really accentuates the country atmosphere.

It seems there is always a need for storage space in any size kitchen. You can functionally enhance your country kitchen with the addition of a buffet and hutch or a country style side board in the kitchen. These furniture pieces give you both additional storage space and a place to display some country decor items.

A wooden kitchen island would blend in with a country kitchen design plan. This could be used as an additional work space. Most often, a kitchen island will have drawers and shelves that provide additional storage space. Quite often there is also a bar to hang towels and some hooks for potholders and utensils. Adding a couple of wooden bar stools to one side of the island would allow you to create a nice breakfast bar in your kitchen. If you don’t have space for a kitchen island, a wooden rolling cart might be a possible alternative.

Once you have incorporated the larger, most necessary pieces of furniture into your country kitchen, you might want to explore some of the smaller furniture options that could be added to enhance the beauty of your kitchen. A rustic style bench pushed against the wall would provide extra storage and additional seating in your kitchen. A corner baker’s rack or tiered shelving unit could help you utilize an empty corner space. You might also find a wooden step stool to be a convenient and very helpful addition to your country kitchen.

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