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Elkay Kitchen Sink - The Elkay Kitchen Sink: a Long Tradition of Excellence

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When you buy an Elkay kitchen sink, you are getting the product of a long tradition of quality and style. The Elkay company has remained family-owned since its beginning in the North Side of Chicago in 1920, and has always dedicated itself to consistently producing kitchen products that look good and perform dependably. Today that ethic is just as strong as it was in 1920.

Stainless steel sinks are considered quite modern and stylish these days, and are frequently seen in magazines, home improvement shows on TV, and so forth. The renovators of today might be surprised to learn that Elkay pioneered the stainless steel kitchen sink in 1935, and became the first American company to mass-produce them in 1938. Elkay supplied kitchen fixtures and scullery to the U.S. armed forces in World War II, and after the war they just kept growing. By the late 1940’s, Elkay was the nation’s largest manufacturer of stainless steel residential sinks, and today it is the largest in the world.

Elkay has always recognized the advantages of stainless steel for making kitchen fixtures, since this metal doesn’t crack or stain as some other materials do. Elkay also anticipated the biggest objection to metal in the kitchen and found a way to deal with it: while stainless steel alone would make a lot of noise during normal kitchen use, Elkay mounts each of its sinks on sound guards to deaden vibrations and cut out the “clang.” Today insulation is also added on the bottoms of sink tops and bowls for the same purpose.

Looking through the wide assortment of Elkay kitchen sinks, one is impressed by the amount of variety in style and material. Whether your taste leans toward modern or traditional, no-frills or many-frills, there’s something for you here. Elkay kitchen sinks include several design “families,” each with its own distinct look and personality.

While a full list of Elkay kitchen sink families would be exhaustive, a few highlights stand out:

For those who want an upscale, modern look, there is the Avado family with designs in both stainless steel and copper. These kitchen sinks have clean lines and sleek surfaces, and are designed with a simple elegance. The inspiration here is commercial design, with strong lines creating a sense of austerity.

The Design Inspirations family is a collaboration of two designers, Fu-Tung Cheng and Jamie Drake. Stainless steel sinks designed by Cheng are practical and efficient, the only decoration being the design of the piece itself, a futuristic shape of smooth, shining metal. Drake’s creations are exactly the opposite, with lavender and flowers giving a soft feel to the rounded lines.

The Explore family brings in regional design influences to fit country or cozy urban spaces, offering a fresh look at Americana. There is a warmth here that would go well in kitchens where much cooking is done, and where families gather.

The Echo family is dedicated to historic character and charm. These timeless designs have the feel of “new oldness” and would fit well in homes with historic warmth and personality.

On the more unconventional side of things, the Harmony family uses gently curving lines reminiscent of waves. These creations come in four materials, copper, stainless steel, e-granite and quartech.

At the far end of the spectrum is the Mystic family, with kitchen sinks that could be pieces of modern art. Swirling lines and unusual shapes contribute to an air of unconventionality that will appeal to young homeowners.

Elkay kitchen sinks also come in custom designs. If you can dream it, they can probably make it. Their superior Custom Department will hand-make your designs with precision and attention to detail, bringing your imagination into reality. Their custom sink tops and counter tops are made of 18-gauge nickel-bearing stainless steel that is hand-polished to a satin luster by Elkay’s skilled staff. The entire underside of the sink top and bowl are insulated for quietness.

Elkay kitchen sinks reflect the spirit of integrity, style and durability that has been the Elkay motto from the beginning. The company that gave the world the stainless steel kitchen sink is still making them in an impressive array of designs, one for every kitchen in the world.

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