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Blanco Kitchen Sink - Blanco Kitchen Sinks: More Than 80 Years of Quality and Innovation

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In 1925, when Heinrich Blanc and his staff of 30 began manufacturing copper galvanized parts for use in hot water heaters and cookers, it is unlikely that they realized the significance of what they were doing. They probably never considered that their company, Blanco, would someday become a leading manufacturer of sinks and kitchen fixtures in the world, setting the benchmark in the U.S. market for premium quality sinks. They also could not have known that along the way, Blanco sinks would expand into stainless steel and various other materials, even pioneering some new manufacturing substances of their own. In 1925, all that was a long way off.

In 1952 Blanco’s first stainless steel sink was made, and in 1963, their millionth sink rolled off the line. In 1970, they pioneered ergonomic design for sink systems and accessories, and a decade later Blanco pioneered a quartz-based material called Silacron. This was a durable, easily-cleaned material resembling stone, perfect for Blanco’s kitchen sinks. While Silacron has now been discontinued, many Silacron sinks are still being used all over the world.

The Blanco sink company has expanded since then, starting branches and sub-brands all over the world. It has grown into Blanco America and Blanco Canada, and when it celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2000, it had made more than 28 million sinks for export to over 120 countries.

In 2007, the BLANCOPERFORMA and BLANCOPRECIS sink lines were introduced to offer complete lines of kitchen, bar and prep sinks. In 2008, Blanco kitchen sinks pioneered a super-material called Silgranit made from 80% granite, but with a hardness even greater than the original stone. Silgranit is resistant to scratching and chipping. It is also colored all the way through, not just on the surface, so if it becomes scratched, the scratch will be the same color as the surrounding stone and hopefully will not be visible.

When browsing through the selection of Blanco kitchen sinks, the shopper will note that they are divided for convenience into two groups, stainless steel and Silgranit.

In the area of stainless steel sinks, Blanco still offers the BLANCOPERFORMA series. These are elegant, single and two-sink designs of varying sizes. Corners and lines are slightly rounded, but a basic rectangular shape is maintained throughout the series. Blanco Stellar has much softer, more rounded lines, while the Microedge Series is the exact opposite with straight lines and sharp angles. The BLANCOSTEELART Series is well named; the sinks in this series look like gleaming, futuristic sculptures. Within this series there are single, double and triple-bowl designs, some of which have integral cutting boards. The BLANCOMAGNUM Series, as the name implies, is composed of large deep sinks for big loads.

In the Silgranit designs, Blanco still makes its classic BLANCOPERFORMA Series, a beautifully simple series of single and double-sink designs with angular corners and slightly curved lines. Variations include BLANCODIAMOND, in which one bowl has straight lines while the other bowl is more curved. European Designs include BLANCOAXIA 65, a gleaming, straight-lined model that looks like it could be in a science fiction movie, and BLANCORONDO, which is a single, round bowl. BLANCODIAMOND has softer lines and warm, rounded corners.

Silgranit is a material of the future. It is environmentally friendly, being made of recyclable raw materials. The unique structure, in which granite is mixed with acrylic resin, means that its hardness, consistency and color go throughout the material. It is hygienic, since it does not absorb bacteria or odors, and is impervious to the acids and alkali that are typically used in the home. It is non-porous and therefore stain-resistant, and is easily cleaned with commercial cleaners or a 50-50 bleach solution. Silgranit is heat-resistant up to 536 degrees F, and is not cracked by sudden changes in temperature.

On the other hand, stainless steel is a classic that never grows old, and fits in a wide variety of decors. Blanco kitchen sinks are made from the finest-quality, 18-gauge 304 series stainless steel with a chrome-nickel ratio of 18/10, which gives it a gleaming surface and great durability. Blanco has been making stainless steel kitchen sinks since 1952, and is still one of the world’s leading producers, with good reason.

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