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Kohler Kitchen Faucet - There Is No Finer Brand Than A Kohler Kitchen Faucet

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Having a kohler kitchen faucet in the house is a sign that the homeowner values quality fixtures for his family. This company has a long history of making plumbing products that last. The craftsmanship and dedication to detail exhibited by the designers here, creates a lasting impression on consumers who purchase their goods. Although primarily known as a maker of kitchen and bathroom necessities, this brand actually has ventured into other areas as well, including digital thermostats, furniture, and generators just to name a few. Their standard of excellence is well known throughout the industry.

When choosing a kitchen faucet, there are several considerations that must be looked at before arriving at a decision. The first and most obvious is price. Staying within the budget while also getting an attractive unit can be a tedious chore for many consumers. There is also the issue of style, since not all faucets are designed for the same sink. However, over the long term, when looking at finding a replacement item along with plumbing costs, most buyers will opt for the long-lasting superiority of a Kohler when making this decision.

There are many reasons for electing a kohler kitchen faucet. The perfect blend of style and function is one of the items that tops a buyer’s list. Another explanation is the wide variety of styles and colors from which to choose. Since they go with almost any décor, matching the floor tiles and/or kitchen cupboards is a whole lot easier. But perhaps the greatest motive of all is the enduring quality that separates this brand from many of their competitors. All of these units are manufactured from solid brass, and then zinc die-cast to provide decades of superior performance. There is never any plastic material contained in this firm’s water valves. The reason is simple: it just does not last as long.

Before any new model is introduced to the public, a batter y of tests are performed by the quality engineers to ensure that there are no design defects. Once in production, the casting is sprayed with a durable finish to ensure that the beauty will last for years. This proprietary mix of exclusive colors and PVD finish helps Kohler to exceed industry standards for quality by more than 200%. Buyers have their choice of colors offered by the manufacturer. They can also opt for a polished or hand-brushed texture, depending on their specific tastes.

At the present time, there are a great many new models to choose from in a kohler kitchen sink. The “Vault” has a high reach arm that extends over the bowl in order to wash fruits and vegetables. It gives the user a advantage when attempting to complete a task of this nature. The “Elate” model employs a pull out sprayer to get at hard to reach areas, when an item might be too large for a normal wash. The engineers are constantly coming up with new ideas and innovations at this company. Most of these are generated by public feedback and demand for a better product.

One of the most valued internal plumbing features in a kohler kitchen faucet is the ceramic disk valve. It is used to control the flow of both hot and cold water, no matter what the ambient temperature of the room is at the present time. Of great news to many homeowners regarding this innovation, is the fact that these items are resistant to debris and hard water; 2 major areas that cause lesser brands to malfunction and require repair parts.

For do-it-your-selfers, a kohler kitchen faucet is a dream come true. The designers have come up with flexible water connections that help to virtually eliminate the need for special plumbing tools. A homeowner with basic mechanical ability can install and hook up one of these units in 1 to 2 hours at most. This not only saves time and money, but provides the sense of accomplishment that goes with a job well done.

There is no better value for the money than a kohler faucet. By combining style and function together in a durable water spigot, consumers have the best of both worlds. It makes sense for the budget and the homeowner’s taste.

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