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Gas Kitchen Stoves - Gas Kitchen Stoves Styles

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The Kitchen is the heart of the home, and the stove the heart of the kitchen. It is the most important appliance in your kitchen, whether you use it or not – the reason, a good quality stove improves your home’s resale value. Take for example the different models of gas kitchen stoves, which are gourmet, and with many functional features, which anyone would want in their dream kitchen.

Gourmet restaurant style gas kitchen stoves with six burners and all the latest gadgets to make our cooking a breeze might be in everyone’s dream list, but these stoves are pricey and not everyone has room in their budgets for these marvels of culinary technology. However, there are many styles of gas kitchen stoves with different features to fit any budget.

When in the market for a new gas stove, there is one thing to consider – the space in the kitchen. If you are replacing your old one, you will have to stick with a model that will allow you to fit it in the existing space. This could be challenging, as it seems that most appliances are being manufactured for bigger homes these days. If you have enough space, your range of selection is widened. If you are redoing your entire kitchen, remodeling gives you the opportunity to obtain the gas kitchen stove of your dreams, as long as you can fit it into your remodeling budget. You can even design the space around your dream gas kitchen stove.

If you have flexibility with the space, you can choose between a single gas unit, a cook top, and wall oven. It all depends on the frequency of your cooking, and the type of cooking that you do most. If you are watching your budget closely, then a stand-alone stove may be the best way to go, as it may save you money. If you do a lot of cooking, have a large family, or love to entertain, consider a gas kitchen stove that offer features like high temperature burners, grill, double oven, self-cleaning oven, sealed burners, convection oven, special timers, rack levels, warming drawer, and other features that will make your life as a cook much easier. Many high end and pricey models combine convection, microwave, and thermal heat technologies to save energy and time. You can even find models that combine gas and electricity for convenience.

Price will range depending on the features that you are looking for in gas kitchen stoves. The more features, gadgets, and conveniences the higher the price will be. The color and finish also affects price. Stainless steel models cost more than white stoves. Brand will affect price, especially if it is a high-end brand, for example Wolf or Viking. These will run into the thousands. Affordable simple models with basic features will start at around $400 (or less if they are on sale), and up. However, there is a market for antique and retro gas kitchen stoves, which have been restored or converted to electric. These restored stoves will look brand new and are very pricey. An insulated Glenwood will cost you around $12,500 and a Magic Chef over $10,000. You can find other models for around $4,000+. There are also reproductions of these antiques that have all the conveniences of today and will cost you thousands of dollars. However, these are unique appliances, and their beauty becomes art in the kitchen.

Some of the most popular brands on gas kitchen stoves available at reasonable prices are GE, Hotpoint, Jenn-Air, Premier, Americana, Kenmore, and Whirlpool. Brands that are more expensive include Viking, Capital, American Range, Baker’s Pride, Electrolux, Heartland, Wolf, LPG, Thermador Pro Grand, Bertazzoni, and AGA. Many affordable brands also carry some high-end units with more features and advanced technology.

Whatever your budget happens to be, there is a gas kitchen stove that will have the features that you are looking for, as well as the conveniences. The choices are many, as well as the pricing.

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