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Kitchenaid Classic Mixer - There Is No Better Appliance Than The Kitchenaid Classic Mixer

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The kitchenaid classic mixer has been a part of American households since 1919, when the company introduced their first unit. The classic design and sturdy construction have made this model almost legendary in status, as the basic look has not changed significantly in almost 100 years. Of course, improvements have been made in the ensuing decades since the firm was first established, but its use in the food preparation room remains essentially the same. Homemakers everywhere can count on this brand to produce tasty food items that are welcomed by any palate.

When purchasing a kitchenaid classic mixer, customers know that they are getting a reliable appliance. The 4.5 quart bowl and 275 watt motor combine to make any common meal preparation task much easier. There are a great variety of attachments now available, that turn this machine into something of an all purpose food processor. In fact, by performing all of the different chores of said item, it is no longer necessary to have 2 things that perform the same duties. When the combined accessory hub is purchased, a user can slice vegetables, use the food grinder to produce sausage or other ground meat, and make homemade ice cream as well. The possibilities are almost unlimited with this handy tool.

Although originally designed for baking purposes, the kitchenaid mixer has gradually been improved to be an all purpose machine. The included accessories on the basic model include the 4.5 quart bowl, flat beaters, dough hooks, and the balloon whisk. These are all designed for a specific purpose, but food preparation is greatly simplified due to the machine’s incredible versatility and powerful motor. For example, in the past it was necessary to make bread solely by hand. This involved mixing and kneading the dough until it was the proper consistency. Using the kitchenaid, breadmakers are now able to perform many of these duties using the power of technology. Not only is this easier on the hands, but time is significantly reduced as well.

It doesn’t matter how thick the batter is, or how large the batch, this model can power through almost any size a recipe calls for. Being a stand mixer allows a user to have two hands free at almost all times, so minor issues like scraping the bowl, or adding ingredients during the mixing process is a whole lot easier. With 10 speeds available, chefs and homemakers can whip up a variety of dishes, using low power to start, and a higher setting to finalize the blending effort. Combined, these speed settings can make the difference between a perfect dish and a flop, since they are needed at different times in the preparation cycle.

Another great feature that is coveted by consumers everywhere is the tilt-back head. It is almost impossible to add everything to the bowl at the same time. Of course, most recipes call for certain items first, followed by the balance at different intervals. But with a larger batch, this can be hard to add the final ingredients without spilling them all over the counter. The kitchenaid classic mixer can be turned off, with the mixer head tilted backward to allow easy access to the bowl. The process can then be finished once the beaters are reset back to their proper position. This makes preparing even a complicated set of instructions much easier to follow.

The built-in safety features include a safety lock, and rubber feet on the bottom of the unit. They make the mixer almost impossible to move when in use. Having a sturdy, stationary machine is conducive to creating the perfect batch of cookies. There is no slopping of ingredients, or the possibility of losing the entire dough ball because of an unstable machine.

The kitchenaid classic mixer is the perfect complement to any homemaker’s set of appliance. The power and versatility of this amazing machine provides the ability to create a vast amount of appetizing dishes. The accessories are all dishwasher safe as well, making clean up a breeze. There is no better mixer available on the market for both features and price. With a quality standard dating back almost 100 years, this appliance is a must have for any kitchen.

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