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Kitchenaid Hand Blender - Want The Best In Small Appliances, Consider A Kitchenaid Hand Blender

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One of the finest small appliances ever created for the preparation of food, is the kitchenaid hand blender. Boasting a number of unique features, this small device can replaced a number of other tools that are currently taking up valuable space. It can chop, mix, whip, blend, and stir a wide variety of liquids and similar materials, to create some of the most unique recipes ever conceived. Since most of these tasks are highly repetitive, having a unit that can perform most of them quickly and efficiently is a highly coveted idea for most homemakers.

There are a number of manufacturers who produce this type of appliance, but the kitchenaid hand blender still stands above the rest for its versatility and quality. The powerful motor is able to muscle through even the most difficult small blending chores. Because of the 9 speeds available, a number of different tasks can be completed quite easily. Each of the different heads has a specific function and will make short work of the assignment given to the machine. Blending, whisking, and chopping are usually regards as separate items that require a different appliance for each. However with the kitchenaid model, these tasks can be completed with only one apparatus.

For many consumers, the attachment set is almost as important as the main unit itself. This is certainly no exception with the kitchenaid hand blender. It comes with a complete set of dishwasher safe attachments that are designed with the homeowner in mind. The slender power shaft makes it easy to attach and remove the various blending heads. These include a chopping blade, s-blade, and whisk to make food preparation more of a fun activity rather than a tedious chore. Also included with the accessory package is a 32 ounce capacity measuring beaker that comes in clear plastic so it can also be used as a measuring cup, and a 3 cup chopping bowl with stainless steel cover. A cotton storage bag complete with 3 pockets completes the package. It can be used to hold the blender itself as well as the shafts for easily accessible storage.

With the inclusion of the variable nine speed motor, it is quite possible to perform almost any small blending task that heretofore would have required a larger unit. The motor is activated by a touch control knob, which allows users to start and stop with a simple depress or release of the power button. This provides greater control over the entire process, meaning that a more exacting result will occur.

The whisk attachment will create the fluffy eggs needed for the perfect omelet, the power to turn ordinary cream into a whipped topping for dessert, or instant pudding in less time than it takes to open the box. It is extremely efficient, and attaches to the motor shaft in seconds. Release is also easy, and is accomplished by depressing the ejector button on the body of the unit.

For chopping purposes, nothing beats the kitchenaid hand blender as well. Up to 7 ounces of nuts can be processed at one time — typically in less than 25 seconds. It can also perform similar tasks, such as mincing garlic or onions, or even dicing up herbs for use in cooking. The chopper bowl’s base is coated with rubber to keep it from slipping during use. Probably the only items that the chopper attachment can’t be used for is something hard — like coffee beans.

While the list of features is quite impressive, designers have not forgotten about the area of ergonomics either. Since having to hold a hand blender can become extremely tiresome, the engineers have come up with a special handle that is contoured to fit the human hand. This reduces the amount of muscle fatigue that typically occurs during an extended preparation period. It is also one of the most important items that buyers are looking for in a small appliance.

The kitchenaid hand blender has combined the best in functionality, safety, and comfort all in one unit. It can be the number one food preparation appliance in the kitchen.

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