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Food Processor Kitchenaid - Deciding to Buy a KitchenAid Food Processor

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Food Processors can be very useful to those who enjoy cooking as well as those who don’t. The essential function of a food processor is to provide aid and convenience with tasks related to the preparation of food (chopping, mincing, grating, blending, and emulsifying among others). Food processors can be especially useful when preparing large amounts of food, bringing foods to a specific consistency, or for those who simply prefer not to bother with the excessive amount of food preparation required to cook. Food processors differ from blenders in that they can process foods without the assistance of liquid and that they have interchangable blades and mixers to facilitate diversity of function.

One of the most reputable food processor manufacturers is KitchenAid. KitchenAid was founded in 1919 and has earned a reputation for superior quality and ageless style. KitchenAid’s food processor line upholds the core values of the company by offering high-quality components, sleek design, and versatility. KitchenAid’s food processors represent the culmination of many years of research, development, and improvement in order to provide top of the line equipment considerate of the practicalities required by cooks, kitchens, and good food. KitchenAid offers seven different models of food processor including: the 12-Cup Architect Series Food Processor, the 12-Cup Ultra Widemouth Food Processor, the 12-Cup standard food Processor, the 9-Cup Food Processor, the 7-Cup Food Processor, the 3-Cup Chef’s Chopper Series Food Chopper, and the 3-Cup Chef’s Chopper Series Food Chopper Cook for the Cure Edition (of which $7 from each purchase goes to Susan G. Komen for the Cure).

Most models are available in both white and black; additionally, the standard 12-Cup Processor is also available in chrome, red, and pink, the 7-Cup processor is also available in red, and the 3-Cup Food Chopper is available in chrome, red, and blue. The Cook for the Cure Edition 3-Cup Food Chopper is available only in pink and the 12-Cup Architect Series Food Processor is available only in cocoa silver or candy apple red.

Each model has relative advantages and disadvantages. All models offer a 120 Volt electric motor set into a plastic base, durable polycarbonate working bowls, at least one stainless steel blade, and a one year Hassle Free Replacement Warranty. Discerning which model to choose, therefore, is dependent on one’s specific cooking habits, work space restraints, and budget. The most popular model is the 7-Cup Food Processor, which offers a wide range of processing options while remaining relatively conservative in regard to counter-top foot print (7.3″×9.1″) and price ($129.99 MRP). Many of those cooking for an average size household find the 7-Cup model perfectly adequate for their cooking needs.

All of the models larger than the 7-Cup offer either one or two additional, smaller mixing bowls to accommadote a variety of processing requirements; these extra bowls can be useful for gourmet cooking or when entertaining a party larger than the average household. The larger models also come with more accessories, including a dough blade, which has been reviewed as very useful to those making bread, pastries, and other baked goods on a regular basis or as a profession. Additionally, the 9-Cup processor ($199.99 MRP) includes two extra blades and one extra slicing and shredding disc and the 12-Cup models ($249.99 MRP standard, $269.99 MRP wide-mouth, and $299.99 MRP Architect Series) come with two extra blades and two extra slicing and shredding discs.

The smaller food processors, called choppers, are useful for those with less work space and a tighter budget. They provide much of the same convenience in the aiding of food preparation with a smaller footprint (7.9″×6.3″) and at a significantly lower cost ($49.99 MRP). While the 3-Cup bowl does not facilitate large scale food preparation, the choppers can be very useful to those cooking on a regular basis for one or two or for those needing to prepare smaller amounts of food at a time.

The range, variety, and multi-purpose functions of KitchenAid food processors make them a suitable appliance for most kitchens and almost any cook. Choosing which processor is right for any given individual may seem a daunting task, but consider the needs, space, and budget and making the right decision should be relatively straightforward.

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