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Kitchenaid Ice Maker - Kitchenaid Ice Maker Good Product for Producing Lots of Ice

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Kitchenaid is a highly respected brand when it comes to appliances for the kitchen and laundry room. Kitchenaid ice makers are no exception and are useful, especially in households where a lot of ice is used or in commercial and retail establishments that need ice, but not enough to justify buying a large commercial ice making machine.

The Kitchenaid ice makers that are on the market produce 50 pounds of ice in 24 hours, plenty for families that love cold drinks or need ice for a variety of purposes. People who entertain frequently find that the ice makers in their refrigerators simply cannot produce enough to keep up with demand and having a dedicated ice maker that fits under helps them have enough ice on hand for any occasion. The Kitchenaid ice maker stores 35 pounds of ice at any given time, and the appliance weighs 95 pounds empty.

These ice makers fit under the counter or they can be freestanding units. Kitchenaid recommends putting the Kitchenaid ice maker on a separate circuit breaker and must use a grounded electrical outlet for maximum safety and security. The company manufacturers the ice makers with different skins for the doors so that the ice maker will match the rest of the kitchen appliances. The choices are white or black enamel or stainless steel. The appliance comes with a built in light making it easy to use in darker rooms.

Another advantage of having a freestanding or under the counter ice maker in homes that use a lot of ice is that the freezer door is not opened as frequently, cutting back on the amount of electricity that the refrigerator uses. In power outages, the extra ice in the Kitchenaid ice maker would keep frozen food cold longer, as well as food from the refrigerator without having to unload everything into ice chests.

The Kitchenaid ice maker produces cubes that measure ¾” x ¾,” small enough to put in the reusable water bottles or to fill containers for ice chests. The ice cubes are also easily turned into slush in a blender to make a variety of beverages and smoothies. Because the Kitchenaid ice maker produces ice quickly, the cubes may have a cloudy appearance because the air bubbles in the water do not have a chance to evaporate before the water freezes. The flavor of the ice is not at all affected by the trapped air.

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