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Kitchen Vent Hoods - What to Consider when Buying Kitchen Vent Hoods

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Kitchen vent hoods serve not only a design function but a practical function within the kitchen. As a practical matter, they work to draw smoke and odors away from the cooking surface. As a design element they can add a focal point to the kitchen or blend in with other architectural details. Modern kitchen vent hoods offer a wide array of different functions, style and prices. Some of the more common style choices include cylindrical and square chimneys which rest on rounded or angular bodies of glass hoods or stainless steel.

Everyday cooking requires a stronger kitchen exhaust hood which will extend over the entire cooking range to get rid of cooking grease, steam, fumes and carbon monoxide. Individuals who only cook a few times of the week may not require as robust of a kitchen vent hood. In this case a lighter model vent hood may be more ideal.

Due to the wide array of choice that is now available on the market kitchen vent hoods are available at significantly different prices. Generally; the more controls and functions that are available in a vent hood; the higher the price.

When considering the purchase of a kitchen vent hood it is important to also calculate in the price for the installation of a duct. The vented air from the vent hood will need to go somewhere. The duct connects to the vent hood on the exterior of the home to vent the air from cooking outside. Vented fans tend to be more popular today than recirculation fans. A vented fan sucks the cooking fumes from the kitchen and through the duct to transport it to outside the home. A recirculation fan works to clean the steam through the use of filters so that it can then be re-circulated back into the kitchen. Therefore, it is important to carefully consider which option will best serve your needs.

Kitchen Vent Hood Basic Styles
One of the most popular looks for kitchen vent hoods today is the industrial look. There are also kitchen vent hoods that will suit both classical and contemporary kitchens. Stainless steel chimneys are growing in popularity as well.

Locating Kitchen Vent Hoods
Kitchen vent hoods are typically designed to be located against the wall and above the cooking range. They will have either a straight back or an angled, possibly curved front. It is important to make sure that you purchase the right design kitchen vent hood for your cooking range. Some kitchen vent hoods are designed to drop down directly over a kitchen island design. In this case it will usually be equal on both sides.

What to Look for when Buying Kitchen Vent Hoods
When purchasing kitchen vent hoods it is important to pay attention to the width as they can vary significantly. Always make sure you measure for the size of your range. In addition, if the system uses filters check to see how easy the filters are to remove and clean. If the filter should become blocked up, the system will not work. You should also check availability as well as pricing for replacement filters. Consider the option of using a carbon filter as well.

Some kitchen vent hoods will use three speed fans. For instance, light cooking does not usually require the system to be placed on full speed. In this case it can be convenient to be able to change the speeds of the fans to meet the needs of your cooking at the moment. There are also some kitchen vent hoods that have a booster speed while others have an automatic delayed shut off. Many vent hoods also offer integrated lighting, which is lighting that is directly over the cooking area and can be a convenient feature to have while cooking.

In addition, check the extraction rate. This is the amount of power that is used for pulling the cooking air from above the range. The higher the extraction rate, the higher the cost of the vent hood in most cases.

While kitchen vent hoods are primarily designed to remove the condensation and stale air associated with cooking they can also provide a visual asset to the kitchen as well when chosen properly.

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