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Kids Kitchen Toys - Education Using Kids Kitchen Toys

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Take a look at the toy aisle in your local store. You’ll see rows upon rows of toys for both boys and girls. Some are educational, while some are just for fun. Kids kitchen toys can be a big hit with not only girls, but the boy in your life, as well. Best of all, you can easily make kitchen toys into a game that helps your youngster learn important lessons, such as counting, measuring, cooking and cleaning. Kids love to imitate their parents, and often love to pretend to cook and bake like mom and dad. Use kids kitchen toys to help them role-play, and learn valuable skills at the same time.

One of the most popular kids kitchen toys is the kitchen set. These come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors, and are usually a big hit with kids. You can find sets that include a pretend sink, microwave, stove, oven and more. Add in accessories such as toy dishes, utensils and food for more realistic play. You can make the games your child plays educational by helping them put away the “groceries”, and explaining to them what each item is. For example, separate toy food into the 4 major food groups- meat, fruits and vegetables, dairy and grain. Explain what each food is and how it is important to their health. You may say that milk is important for strong bones and teeth, meat is protein which helps you grow, and vegetables provide necessary vitamins your body needs.

Play kids kitchen toys involving food can provide endless activities for children to learn. Not only can you educate them on the importance of each food, you can show them different shapes, colors and sizes. Spread out all the toy food and let them count, or sort by certain color. They will enjoy role-playing by creating their own special meal and serving it to you and other family members, as well.

Help your kids learn the importance of kitchen products, as well as the dangers, by role-playing with toy ovens, blenders, mixers and the like. Show them on the toy version how it works, and explain how there may be sharp parts and fast pieces on the real versions, and how they should never touch without adult supervision. Kids kitchen toys can be used to explain how mom and dad make meals, and your child will have fun using their toy as you use the real one. Many kitchen toys include realistic sounds such as beeping for the microwave, a running water sound in the sink, sizzling on the stove, and a timer when the food is done.

There are other kids kitchen toys that can help your child learn as they play. A simple toy involves magnets for the refrigerator. You can find toy magnets in letters, numbers, shapes and more, and your little one will have fun playing with you in the kitchen as you go about your work. Other kids kitchen toys include puzzles shaped like food, such as a cake or pizza that can be cut up, served, and then put back together.

When looking for educational kids kitchen toys, look for ones that are safe and durable. You do not want anything with sharp edges or small parts, especially for very young kids. Plastic and wooden toys are the best, as well as light-weight metal pots and pans for a more realistic version. Your child will delight in the toys that you find him or her, and will spend countless hours playing alongside you in the kitchen!

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