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Nickel Kitchen Faucet - A Nickel Kitchen Faucet Makes A Fine Addition To Any Home

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A nickel kitchen faucet makes a fine addition to any home. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and can be purchased at many local hardware stores as well as on the Internet. If price is a major consideration, there is a model that will be suitable for almost any budget. It really doesn’t matter what the rationale is for wanting to purchase a new water spout, this attractive device will help to accentuate the place where food is prepared.

The biggest reason to buy one of these particular units is for appearance sake. The brushed nickel finish goes great with almost any style of new cabinetry, and is relatively neutral when compared to a colored floor tile or counter top. Of course, there are other features to consider, but the sink and all of its components has to look good when the installation is complete. Many of these products are designed for the do-it-your-selfer, so choosing an item such as this can save money on labor, making a more expensive model possible if there is one that suits the particular tastes of the homeowner.

A number of quality manufacturers are producing this type of finished product. In fact, a nickel kitchen faucet is one of the leading models made by the Augusta brand. Their most popular types include the single-hole, widespread, and pull-out spray. Each of these is readily available for purchase online, along with many of the larger home improvement centers. The single-hole product uses one opening to supply the water, and comes in both traditional and modern designs. They can also be equipped with a soap dispenser for easy hand cleaning. The widespread units on the other hand, feature the traditional design with an arched head, employing either a single or double lever action to control the hot and control water valves. Finally, the pull-out spray models contain the faucet and spray mechanism all in the same shell. This takes up less space on the sink, and makes it more convenient to get at those hard to reach places.

The Augusta nickel kitchen faucet is a model of excellent quality that is also low maintenance. This means that cleaning is extremely simple and on the whole more reliable than many of their competitors. They contain a ceramic cartridge that is resistant to hard water issues and clogging, so the likelihood of plumbing repairs is greatly reduced. That is good news for homeowners, but not for the plumbers who make their living fixing problems similar to this.

Other manufacturers make a reliable nickel kitchen faucet as well. These include such brands as Navajo; whose brushed nickel pull down faucet invokes images from the Southwest. It carries a price tag of $374.40, but comes with free shipping from the website. Ashfield also offers a model with this type of finish, also with a pull down spray. The 3-hole bridge item is listed at $493.95, also with free shipping. Finally, the Heritage faucet comes with brass construction, a ceramic disk cartridge and a metal lever handle. It comes in the cheapest at $282.95, also with free shipping. These prices also reflect a small discount that is being offered by the manufacturer.

These are not the only faucets available in this style, but they are an excellent cross section of this market for both features and price. Consumers should perform their own due diligence before making this kind of purchase. With the cost of a new kitchen renovation, saving money on some of the new accessories is one way in which to stay within the allotted budget. A nickel kitchen faucet is certainly not the most extravagant item on the majority of wish lists composed by homeowners, but some of the high end models are certainly cause for consternation.

There is no one best way to purchase a nickel kitchen faucet. The features, styles, and even manufacturer, have to be evaluated prior to making the final purchasing decision. This is really the only method for consumers to make an informed choice. Without doing background checks and reading quite a few reviews on many of these models, it is virtually impossible to get the best possible water spigot for the house.

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