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Salter Kitchen Scale - The Various Sizes and Designs found in a Salter Kitchen Scale

model unit bowl stainless

There are some new types of scales designed to be used in the kitchen. Among these you will find the salter kitchen scale. The Salter company makes several different types of scales to accommodate your personal needs for weighing and measuring foods. This category includes several electronic styles of scales that use digital displays for showing the information related to your food. The basic platform scale comes in a polished stainless steel and has the look of a flat disc. Because the stainless surface is hygienic in design you can place your food item or ingredients directly on the surface to be weighed.

The add and weigh model of scale for kitchens includes a convenient measuring bowl that holds up to two liters of ingredients. The bowl is also dishwasher safe and can be inverted to use as a cover over the scale base when it is not in use. This model is designed as a rotating dial unit rather than the digital electrical style. The large needle will point to the specific amount of weight when the rotation process has stopped. This unit is great for measuring single servings and also allows you to use your own bowl to measure any food item you have.

Another style that is created as a dial rather than digital model, is the six pound dial scale. This Salter scale can measure up to six pounds of ingredients and comes with its own stainless steel bowl. The dial mechanism is placed high above the bowl area so it is easily visible to the user. This particular model is weight sensitive to within one ounce. This larger capacity item is good to use for baking purposes to weigh your ingredients as you add them to the bowl.

In the line of Salter products you will also find a few models created to give you information about the nutritional value of your food as well as the weight. These models are available as a standard size unit or a convenient travel size model. These are digitally operated scales that include a comprehensive internal database they use for accessing the various nutritional values for food. These can assist you in monitoring levels of carbohydrates, sugars, fibers, cholesterol and fat. The handy travel style comes in a stainless steel case that folds to a compact design that can easily fit inside any suitcase or backpack.

The company also manufactures a compact version of a basic kitchen weigh scale. This model comes in a sleek black color with an LCD readout. The cover is also used as the weigh surface and is easily snapped back into place when you are done. This unit was designed for people on the go who want to keep track of the servings sizes they eat. A variation on the compact design is the slim scale model. This unit operates through the use of two AA batteries and has a thin square base. It is easy placed on any counter because it does not require a large amount of space or the use of an electrical outlet. The bottom of this unit is stainless steel, while the top surface is made of glass painted white with a digital display set into the front.

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