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Kitchen Island Carts - How to Maximize Space With Kitchen Island Carts

style modern provide storage

Kitchen island carts are an excellent way to increase the storage space and work space in a kitchen. Some styles also provide addition dining space. Space is often a critical issue in a small kitchen. Finding ways to ease the situation is a necessity. In a larger kitchen, obtaining more storage and work space may be more of a desire that a need. In either case, kitchen island carts can be a solution to the dilemma and fulfill the desire.

Many times, people choose a modern style of decor for a small kitchen. The sleek design of modern furnishings fit better into a small area than some of the more traditional or contemporary furniture pieces. A kitchen island cart in a dark espresso finish would decoratively fit into a modern style kitchen. There are various style of carts available that offer a workspace with various types of storage. In keeping with the modern design, an island cart with open shelving, chrome, and wire baskets for storage would be a good choice. A cart that has a shelf that can be lifted to provide a space for eating would also help solve some of the issues regarding space in a small modern style kitchen. If a wooden kitchen island cart conflicts with your modern style, a totally stainless steel cart or a cart with a stainless steel bottom and butcher block top might appeal to you.

Kitchen island carts range in size and style from the small 33" wide rolling cart with wood top and wire shelving to carts that are large enough to provide dining space for two people. Small islands can be purchased for less than $150. Various styles of wooden islands that provide work space, storage space, and a dining area start at a price of $200 and continue upward in excess of $500, depending on the size of the island, its overall design, and the construction material. Kitchen islands made of stainless steel have a starting price around $300 but most often are priced quite higher than that.

Kitchen island carts are easy to find. Most department stores have several styles in the home furnishings or kitchen decor area of the store. An online search will provide extensive options. Mail order home improvement or domestic type catalogs generally have a good selection of kitchen carts to select from. Specialty type kitchen stores have a wider selection of carts and may be the place you need to shop to find a large stainless steel island cart.

Kitchen island carts can be placed against one wall of the kitchen to leave floor space unobstructed. If you plan to use the cart as a work space, you might want to add it to the center of your kitchen. One of the larger kitchen island carts could be used as a divider between the kitchen and living area of your home.

Stationary kitchen island carts can easily be incorporated into the design plan of a large kitchen. However, for smaller kitchens, a rolling island cart might be a more workable choice. Islands that have a drop leaf on the side are ideal for small spaces.

Kitchen island carts can provide space for small kitchen appliances and cookware. Most have a towel bar and some drawer space. Some islands have designated storage space for knives and hooks for kitchen utensils. It is best to explore the various style options in regard to your cooking style, decorating style, and spacial limitations to determine the specific kitchen island cart that would satisfy your need and your desire.

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