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Office Furniture Bookcase - Various Models and Types of Office Furniture Bookcases

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Of the many different types of office furniture, the bookcase is a bestseller, right up there with chairs and desks. Books have been and will continue to be an integral part of a healthy society, and bookcases of all different sizes, shapes, and materials have been produced for many centuries, beginning over in Europe, and continuing in America according to time-tested techniques and European craftsmanship. Bookcases serve a dual purpose. They fill a room and decorate it, and they also store a collection of books, which in turn adds to the decor even more. If you own more than a few books, a bookcase pretty well becomes a prerequisite at some point. Oak bookcases that have been made by hand are considered to be among the finest of bookshelves, and these can cost several hundred or several thousand dollars. Cheaper bookcases are made from pressed wood, which is wood shavings or wood pulp which has been “pressed” together for density. These are widely available at the home and furniture sections of stores such as Walmart and Home Depot, although nicer models are sold at these places from time to time. Office furniture and supply stores tend to carry more expensive and better quality bookcases. Buy.com is a great online discount store selling thousands of items, among them mid-range office bookcases. For example, they carry a wide bookshelf with a large shelf, two smaller top shelves, and spacious cabinets at the bottom for $549. It is finished with an attractive, protective coating that helps guard it against scratches.

One of the oldest bookcases in existence is one in England, in the Bodleian Library at Oxford University. They were installed there towards the end of the 1500’s. Newer bookcases seek to imitate and continue the style of the English woodworkers. Corporations try to catch an even balance when it comes to the procurement of bookcases for their office, opting for mid-range furniture that may cost around $300. The well-off, the connoisseurs, and book-lovers usually prefer to acquire good, traditional oak using time-tested manufacturing methods, and made by master craftsman. Office furniture bookcases are great additions to a room, giving it an earthy quality missing from many contemporary homes. Bookcases are among the most important features in a man’s study, holding his prized possessions, his books. Whether you buy pressed wood or oak, the important thing is that the bookcase is durable and adds to the room’s presence.

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