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Outdoor Furniture Chaise Lounge - The Various Designs available for an Outdoor Furniture Chaise Lounge

frame section wood styles

There are many different styles of furniture used to create outdoor groupings. Among the different types of chairs you can purchase there are some styles created as lounge chairs. The outdoor furniture chaise lounge is constructed as a full length reclining item to provide you the maximum in outdoor comfort. The basic style is the inexpensive design with an aluminum frame. This product will can have seat sections made of various materials that are either solid pieces or strips woven together. For the less costly styles the fabric is usually a canvas or vinyl material which is attached to the frame via thread or studs.

A variation on the aluminum frame design is the molded plastic frame. This item is also inexpensive and does not usually have an fabric material used in creating the outdoor chaise. This plastic is a form of the durable UPVC material and will not scratch, chip or dent. When using this type of chaise lounge outdoor furniture frame you will need some type of cushion to provide comfort for sitting. The cushions available for this product usually come as long rectangular styles with an interior of padded foam. The outer covering will be a type of fabric and will be found in assorted colors and patterns.

This lounge cushion can also be used on chaise items that are constructed from wood. The wood frames are available in teak, wicker or cedar as well as many other wood varieties. This design will have the outer frame section constructed from boards, while the inner section will have slats. The wood designs will have a head section that can be raised or lowered through a hinged mechanism. The exception to this design will be the wicker frames. The wicker or rattan lounges for outdoor furniture use will have a solid construction where the back section resembles a traditional chair back.

Depending on what a chaise frame is made from, the foot section may also come as a hinged unit that can be collapsed for creating a variety of relaxation options. This design is more common in the cheaper aluminum frame style than in the more expensive wood types. There are a few contemporary metal designs for the chaise that do not include the separate foot section as a movable piece. There are also variations on the wood designs that have the base section constructed from a solid piece of wood with no interior slats.

Most of the outdoor chaise lounge furniture pieces come as single items to accommodate one person. There are some frames created as double chaise pieces that hold two people side by side. These double lounges will each have separate head sections that can be raised and lowered independent of each other. You will find the various lounge chairs available with two or four or six legs to hold the item in place. Some styles will come with back wheels attached to the legs for ease of moving the lounge around. A few distinctive styles may include a built-in side tray for setting items on such as beverages. All of these products can be found in assorted colors to enhance whatever design you have in your outdoor area.

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