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King Bedroom Furniture - Tips on King Bedroom Furniture Trends

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Do you want to sprawl in king bedroom furniture in a less than king sized room? Choosing the right style, accessories and furniture placement can make your smallish room look like it belongs on a home décor magazine cover.

Less is More
Get rid of all the clutter! Eliminate any unnecessary furniture, shelves, books and stacks of papers. Look around the room and remove any object you have not used in the last month. Place important or sentimental items in a tub for storage. They don’t belong in your bedroom and will only serve to make kind bedroom furniture look too bulky.

Out with the Old
King bedroom furniture requires décor to blend items together in the room. It is difficult to achieve the flow in a room with a mish-mash or décor items. Remove the window dressing or drapes. Take away the comforter or bedding you are using on the bed. Any dresser scarves, wall hangings, pictures or display items need to be taken out of the room. It is possible a few items might return but start with a new plan.

Color it Large
Once all the extras are removed from your bedroom, examine the paint color, color of flooring or any large surface you can easily change without spending a huge amount of money. If you have a dark colored wall, it needs to say goodbye. Light neutral colors in soft shades create an impression of more space. King bedroom furniture tends to overtake the room if walls are painted in dark colors. Go with a blended light paint with a touch of texture. You might love red, purple or forest green but love it somewhere else. It doesn’t belong in a small space.

Lose the Weight
Choosing heavier bulky king bedroom furniture for an average-sized room is a big mistake. Large ornate pieces might look at home in a palace but not your royal bedroom. Go with a sleek modern line instead. Smooth lines blend into the décor while more intricate pieces tend to chop up the room by drawing too much attention to them. Lose the bulk of a footboard. It serves no purpose and it cuts off the natural flow. Go with a trendy platform bed with a matching headboard. Keep the depth of the headboard as thin as possible. The line of the platform blended with the headboard can create the illusion of more space by not interrupting the eye line.

Once you’ve selected a platform bed with a sleek modern line, choose night stands to coordinate with the bed. Find a light textured fabric for windows that allows as much light as possible during the day. Avoid heavy velvety fabrics; go with a light cotton blend or another lightweight fabric. Coordinate colors and simple patterns for bed coverings and curtains. If possible, avoid bulky comforter and opt for a trendy coverlet instead. If you just have to sleep under a down comforter, store it in a woven hamper or shelf in your closet.

Just because you live in an apartment or condo with a smallish bedroom, you are not limited to children sized furnishings. With a few simple tips, some common sense and a touch of style, you can create the illusion of a larger space surrounding the oasis of a king sized bed as part of your king bedroom furniture ensemble.

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