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Patio Furniture Tables - Choosing the Right Patio Furniture Tables for a Climate

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Patios can be good places to entertain or sit quietly to read a book or watch the kids play in the backyard. Some consider their patios an extension of their homes and use furniture that withstands rain and looks good enough to put it in the house. Patio furniture tables are an essential for enjoying time outdoors because they provide a surface on which to place beverages, eat meals, or rest a book.

Patio table furniture comes in all sorts of different materials from simple plastic to ornate combinations of glass or marble and metal. Patio tables can be side tables or be large enough to fit a crowd around. In year-round climates where the weather is warm enough to be out in the winter, people leave their patio table furniture outdoors all year long. However, people who live in climates with cold winters often choose patio furniture tables that are collapsible and take them in over the winter. These people can also cover their patio furniture with tarps or specially designed table and chair covers.

No matter where the patio furniture tables are located, one thing is certain: the table will get dusty or dirty from being outdoors. If dust is a problem, people choose patio table furniture that is easy to clean. Wicker and rattan are attractive patio furniture but can be challenging to clean in dusty or sandy locations.

Teak patio furniture tables are durable and attractive and often make good choices for climates prone to strong wind or sudden gusts of wind. Teak endures sunshine and water and is easy to keep looking good simply by treating the wood with teak oil or other penetrating sealers. Woods that are soft are not good choices for patio furniture tables because they are porous and will water stain and warp with much exposure to humidity.

Glass topped tables look good and are durable in any environment, although consumers should choose tempered glass tables to avoid dangerous glass shards if they tip and break. The glass surface is easy to clean and will not stain. The table can also be covered with a tablecloth or placemats to give the table a fresh appearance.

Many home and garden stores sell patio table furniture, although the selection may be wider online. Consumers can take advantage of online pricing which may be better than pricing in local retail stores because online shops have lower overhead costs. Having many options for patio furniture makes choosing the right set easier than limited choices at local stores.

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