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Kids Furniture Beds - The Amazing Designs available for kids Furniture Beds Today

styles frames include bunk

When shopping for children’s furniture you will see some amazing designs used for bedroom pieces. The styles of kids furniture beds can come in range from the practical and functional to the extremely adventurous. A basic bed design can still be found in styles of twin size items that may include cabinets or bottom storage sections. The child’s platform bed will usually come with the section underneath the mattress used as a storage drawer. A variation on this design will be the style that has an additional bed mattress stored in the platform. This is easily accessed to create additional sleeping space by pulling the bottom section out.

Some themed styles of beds designed for children include the types that have shaped bed frames. These are found constructed from wood and can be shaped as a race car, truck or even a royal carriage. The basic frames will be painted in appropriate colors to create the illusion of sleeping inside the real object. The themed products generally use the same type of single bed mattress as the basic twin frames do. There may be some safety considerations when selecting the themed styles, such as sharp corners or protruding pieces.

When browsing for kids bed furniture you may find some themed styles available as large playhouse items. Some of these designs include bunk bed style frames that have been built into the playhouse structure. The bed structure itself may come as a pirate ship, fort, castle or cottage. In the category of kids furniture beds these items will be the most expensive to purchase. Most styles are designed completely out of wood, but there are a few children’s bed frames that will have the outer house portion constructed from canvas. These fabric structures may pose a safety concern as well and should be carefully examined before purchase.

There are several styles of traditional bunk beds for kids as well. The variations on items in this category will include styles that are built with adjoining cabinets and bookcases. Most bunk bed frames are created from either wood or metal and will include the ladder and top bunk safety rails as part of the frame. These frames need to be assembled before use and will include the necessary hardware you need to secure all of the upper and lower bunk sections. The bunk style bed is available with both bunks being a single size or with the lower bunk as a double and the top as a single.

In the line of kids bed furniture for girls, you will see the princess style canopy bed. This frame is usually constructed from metal and will include four posts set at the head and foot board areas. These posts connect to an overhead rail piece, which is used for placing the canopy onto. The various styles of frames will have the head and foot board sections decorated in various scroll designs or inset with rails. White is the most common color found for the princess bed, although you may find styles in brass or gold finishes as well.

When choosing the right bed for your child’s room you want to keep in mind the amount of space the product will require. In addition to safety first, you also want to select a bed that is going to help your child get a good night’s sleep. While there are some fun and fantastical designs available in furniture beds for kids, they aren’t always the most conducive for sleeping purposes.

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