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Kids Desk Furniture - How to Care for Wooden Kids Desk Furniture

filler surface using scratch

A growing child can be a terror on kids desk furniture. Somehow the crayons or magic markers seem to always find their way to the surfaces. They can unknowingly and unwillingly become drag strips for matchbox cars or the easiest path for a toy fire truck to reach an imaginary burning building and save the day. The one thing those fire trucks don’t save while putting out the flames and pulling the little Lego people from their doom are the once beautiful and elegant surfaces of your kids desk furniture.

There are a few ways to avoid the possible disasters of nicks, scrapes and drawings of Spiderman crawling up a building that could very well soon take the place of the smooth and clear surface of your kids desk furniture. One of those ways is to purchase a clear cover for and have it fitted to match the size of the desk furniture you will be placing in the kids room. You will not want a glass cover as it may break during a major battle between good and evil, and could cause injury. You might want to look into a Plexiglas material which can be shaped to your kids desk furniture, placed on top…and can handle a good grenade toss or car chase with little or no trouble. This type of protection for kids desk furniture can be easily wiped clean after any coloring sessions or random graffiti. Once it is no longer needed it can simply be removed to reveal the still-like-new original surface of the desk furniture.

If you’ve had your kids desk furniture for quite some time and it has suffered some of these events already, having gouges or scrapes, there are steps you can take to remove some of them if they aren’t too terribly bad. Believe it or not, the enemy can actually become your friend with a scratched surface on kids desk furniture. If the scratch or scrape is not too deep, you can choose the right color of a crayon to fill in the scratch and make it disappear. There are even specific scratch-removing crayons available made especially for that purpose. This method is cost effective and works quite well with those smaller injuries to your kids desk furniture.

If your kids desk furniture is blemished with larger and deeper gouges and scrapes. You may want to try using wood filler. You can purchase this at most large department stores and places like Home Depo or Lowes. You will then take a putty knife, gather some of the wood filler onto the knife and spread it throughout the scratch or gouge in your kids desk furniture. Once it has set in (the instructions will be on the container of the brand you choose, letting you know how long you need to let it sit before your next step) you will then take a soft grade of sand paper and lightly sand it down to surface level until the surface of the filler is even with that of the kids desk furniture.

Sometimes, after using wood filler, it can occur that the filler will not match the color of the kids desk furniture so before taking this step mentioned just above you might want to tint the wood filler before using it. You can tint the wood filler yourself or you can purchase wood filler that has already been tinted, matching it to the color of your kids desk furniture. Using these methods to care for your wooden kids desk furniture is sure to keep it looking good.

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