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Platform Bed Furniture - How to Decorate With Style Using Platform Bed Furniture

bedroom focal storage beds

Usually, the bed is a focal point in a bedroom. But, that doesn’t mean you have to invest a fortune in a bed in order for the focal point of the room to be exquisitely stunning. Platform bed furniture is an affordable choice of bedroom furniture. You can find a full size platform bed at a department store such as Walmart or Target for around $200. Most furniture stores have platform bed furniture in sizes that range from twin to king. Local outlet stores are also a possible location where you can find reasonably priced bedroom furniture. Platform bed appears in numerous online searches. There are specific sites such as platformbedsonline.com and simplyplatformbeds.com that have an extensive selection of beds for you to select from.

Platform bed furniture is ideal for a small bedroom. Selecting a style that has storage drawers is wise when you have limited storage space in your bedroom. A platform bed is a simple piece of furniture, but its simplicity is what makes it such an elegant and sophisticated focal point in the room. The one exception might be a platform bed chosen for child. Rather than choosing a bed for its elegance, you might want to select a more whimsical style of platform bed. A platform bed with a sports theme or a happy frog headboard could be used as a focal point for a child’s room. Or, you could choose a more traditional style of platform bed that you could continue to use in a child’s room as they mature.

A master bedroom can be transform into an Asian style oasis starting with the purchase of a platform bed. Dark wood or a frame made of bamboo are typical choices available in Asian style platform beds. You will need to keep the remainder of your decor simple and natural. Your walls and floor should continue the Asian theme. And, the bedding you select should be simple and in colors that correlate with your Asian designed bed.

When looking for bedroom furniture, platform bed options include beds in a traditional style that are elevated off of the floor by four short legs, bed frames that are covered in leather, and various types of wooden box type bed frames. Some styles have storage drawers underneath the frame and others do not. Usually a twin bed will have two or three drawers while a larger bed can have as many as six storage drawers. Whether or not you choose to add a headboard to your bed is strictly a personal choice. The design of the headboard should compliment the simplistic design of the bed. In some cases, the wall behind the bed can be painted or decorated to serve as an artistic headboard for the platform bed.

Platform beds are an ideal choice when selecting furniture for a small bedroom, especially if storage space is at a premium. But, they are certainly not limited to use in a small room. A platform bed can make any size room look stunning, stylish, and sophisticated. Its elegant simplicity makes the room feel inviting and relaxing. When you enter a room that has a platform bed as its focal point and a decor that accentuates the power of simplicity, you can immediately feel a calming, soothing atmosphere in the room. And, because of the affordability of platform bed furniture, you can create this oasis without over extending your budget.

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