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Sectional Living Room Furniture - Arranging a Room Around Sectional Living Room Furniture

leaving room for sectional recliners the use of end tables developing a conversational space

Sectional living room furniture can become the main element in any room. The way that the sectional fits together will have a large impact on where you can place it in the room so that it is comfortable to watch television and talk to one another while several people are in the room at once. Think about your many options before you put the furniture in the room so that you will save time moving it around to try different things.

Placing the Sectional in a Corner

The first thing most people do with their sectional living room furniture is place it in a convenient corner. Sectionals that have one long side and one short side will fit into almost any corner of the room. Corner placement is nice because it leaves the room completely open for people to walk through. Sometimes placing sectional living room furniture in a corner can make it difficult to use because the room is far too large to accommodate furniture that is aligned along the walls.

Using One Section as a Divider

Some sectional living room furniture is used to break up a large living space into smaller, more manageable areas. Many newer homes take advantage of great room design that blends the living room with the dining room and sometimes the kitchen. These large, open spaces need something to help delineate where each room begins and ends. Sectional living room furniture can be placed so that one side of the sectional acts as a sort of low divider wall between one portion of the room and another. This allows the open feeling of the great room to be maintained while providing some separation between the different living spaces.

Leaving Room for Sectional Recliners

Many types of sectional living room furniture are equipped with one or more chairs that can be converted into recliners. When you arrange the sectional in your living room, make sure that you leave plenty of room for the recliner feet to be opened up fully. Sectional living room furniture that has several recliners can make it difficult to use a traditional coffee table in front of the sectional. You may want to use a smaller table, or go without a table at all. Some sectional living room furniture requires a little bit of creativity when it comes to designing a room around it.

The Use of End Tables

It can be difficult to plan where to put end tables when you use sectional living room furniture as your main seating in a room. The sectionals do not provide areas that are open for tables between the seats. Some modern sectional living room furniture solves the problem by having small folding tables available along the length of the furniture. You can fold the table down between the seats when you need it, then fold it away again if you need to make room for more people to sit on the sectional.

Creating a Focus for the Room

The design of sectional living room furniture lends itself nicely to creating a focus for the room that the furniture is placed in. Since sectionals basically create two walls of seating, they can be arranged easily around whatever you want to be the focus of your room. Some rooms are focused directly on the television or entertainment center. Others may choose to arrange the sectional living room furniture so that the main focus of the room is a fireplace or a piece of special artwork. The focus of the sectional will play a big part in dictating what kinds of activities go on while people are sitting there.

Developing a Conversational Space

Sectional living room furniture is particularly useful for creating spaces that are good for conversations. The sectional will seat several people at once in a formation that allows them to see each other without any tables or other furniture between them. People seated along a sectional are easily drawn into conversation without much effort. The soft, open nature of sectional living room furniture can lead to relatively intimate conversations rather than stiff formal ones. Sectionals are better for close friends or family rather than people who are meeting for the first time.

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