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Cd Storage Furniture - Varities of CD Storage Furniture

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CDs first burst upon the market in 1982, offering an alternative to easily tangled cassette tapes and skipping records. One of the biggest advantages of CDs, which dominated the music scene until the introduction of MP3s, is that they are considerably less bulky. Nonetheless, people who love music often amass a large collection of albums, so even if those albums are only on CD, storage needs to be a consideration.

When looking at CD storage furniture, your first consideration should be whether you want to keep the jewel cases that the CDs came in. If you don’t care about that, you will be able to store your album collection much more easily. You might want to look into an entertainment cabinet that will allow you to keep all of your media organized.

Though these are expensive, ranging in the hundreds of dollars, they are very nice because the most expansive ones can contain all of your entertainment items. The main level of the cabinet is usually devoted to the television, while smaller shelves hold the DVD or VCR player, stereo, gaming system, record player or whatever other items you may have. Some are designed with folding doors that can close up, completely concealing the objects within if you want to have a quiet evening with few distractions.

If you opt for an entertainment cabinet, one of the handiest ways to store your CDs is to put them into CD storage books. These sit very nicely upon the shelf and allow for extensive and well-organized storage. Moreover, they zip up, so there’s no chance of anything falling out. If you live in a house with several other people, consider buying one book for each person. That way, if your tastes in music are wildly divergent, you won’t have to thumb through pages of uninteresting albums to find something appealing. Then again, if you keep the books well-organized, it shouldn’t be difficult to find what you are looking for.

It’s always best to have a very clear system so that albums don’t get lost in the shuffle. The easiest method is usually alphabetical by performer’s name. Keep any liner notes and other album inserts with the CDs in the book, and that will make it easy to find the right spot when the time comes to put the album away. It’s important to put the CDs away after selecting something different to play. Leaving them lying around the house is a recipe for losing them, and they also are prone to becoming dirty and damaged that way.

The one major drawback to using CD books is the fact that you will probably have to reorganize fairly frequently. If you have an especially large CD book, one option is to leave an empty page between every full one, allowing you to expand as you buy more. Another possibility is to simply put all new purchases in the back of the book, to be more properly sorted later.

If all this sounds like a hassle to you and you’d rather keep the jewel cases anyway, then you’re going to want to go with more traditional CD storage furniture. If you want to do it on the cheap, a good solution is to buy stackable plastic boxes. These are utilitarian and inexpensive, usually only costing a few dollars each. For easy identification, you can write up a note card indicating which letters are inside and tape it to the front. For instance, albums by the Beatles might be in the “A – D” box.

If you’re looking for something fancier, there are many options available, from open-faced shelving units with wooden shelves and frames to whimsical cabinets that are shaped like birdhouses. The latter is an attractive option, as the door in the front closes and it simply looks as though they are decorative pieces. If you want everybody to be able to see right off the bat what an impressive album collection you have, then you’re better off with CD storage furniture without an opaque door in front.

However you decide to display your CDs, it’s important to find an organizational system that works for you and allows you to store your albums efficiently.

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