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Tv Stands Furniture - How Can TV Stands Look Like Real Furniture?

unit wall television wood

Many TV stands are well designed and actually look like real furniture. Other stands, look like an afterthought and might just as well be used as a place to set your microwave oven. Price may have something to do with how nice a TV stand looks, but it is not a major factor. You can get a nicely designed stand for under $100.00 that will blend in well with the rest of your furniture or you can spend several hundred dollars and get something that would have a hard time qualifying as real furniture.

There are all kinds of TV stands out there. Starting with functional, but not very attractive, metal stands and moving up to simple but sturdy wood stands, different designs and models are plentiful. If you want the really nice TV stand that can blend right in with your decor, consider a stand that is something more than a tabletop upon which your television rests.

One of the nicer types of TV stands is the type that includes a cabinet for storing your DVD’s or other paraphernalia. The stand is usually made of some type of hardwood like oak or cherry and has a hinged door or two doors that open in the middle for easy access. There might be a shelf or two that can be adjusted to different heights to accomodate items of various sizes.

A more expensive and more impressive type of TV stand is really a part of a wall unit. You can buy a 3 piece, stained oak wall unit that might be eight feet wide and six feet tall. The two end pieces might be two or two and one half feet wide and be used for displaying anything from pictures to pottery as well as having a lower cabinet for storage. The center piece of the 3 piece unit is specially made to hold your TV set. The shelf that the TV rests upon is set at about two feet in height, making for eye level viewing from the comfort of your living room couch. The unit may also be designed so that your set can hide in a cabinet close to the floor or be placed higher up to offer an unobstructed view.

Depending on your personal preference, you can choose wall units made of natural wood with stains in a variety of shades and colors, or, an Italian inspired black lacquer unit, that give a very modern look. In either case, there are plenty of ready made wall units that might suit your needs, or, you can have your wall unit custom made to fit an unusually large television. Combining a good place for your television with a place for storage and display, all in one matching wall unit, can enhance any living room.

When shopping for a wall unit to house your television, avoid the cheap, pressboard type of unit you might find in a discount store. While you might be able to get it on the cheap, the unit will not hold up well over time. It is not as strong as natural wood and over time, the shelves can start to sag (if you put too much weight on them).
Additionally, if they happen to get wet, the thin, wood-like finish can start to peel away from the pressboard and eventually crack off. In a few years, you probably will be looking for something new to replace this type of setup.

You can find some excellent TV stands that require assembly. They are well engineered, made of solid wood and come in knocked down form in a large cardboard box. If you are picking one up, beware that they can be very heavy and you might need some help lifting it into your vehicle. If you are handy and don’t mind spending a few hours assembling the stand yourself, this may be a way to go.

Other possibilities for finding a nice quality TV stand include shopping online. You can find everything from units that will be shipped to you unassembled, to custom made, high quality units that will be delivered, fully assemble, right to your house. Whatever you choose, remember, the television is often the centerpiece of your room and a nice TV stand is in order.

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