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Breakfast Bar Furniture

breakfast bar accessories

Ask any nutritionist: breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So why don’t more people eat it? Four out of ever ten Americans skip breakfast entirely; of the remaining six, fully half either eat it standing up in the corner or in their cars on their way to work, or substitute foods like cold pizza for the more nutritious toast and eggs. Maybe the problem is there’s no place in today’s households that’s really suitable for eating breakfast. The dining room’s for dinner, the kitchen’s for snacks, and most people eat lunch out.

Remember those great magazine ads from the 1950s showing freckled kids and their smiling parents eating pancakes around a Formica table? They were eating their first meal of the day in a specialized kitchen nook known as the breakfast bar. Today “breakfast bar” is synonymous with a kind of processed granola snack that looks like horse feed and tastes like cardboard. But maybe it’s time to bring that other breakfast bar back, that cozy alcove where it’s actually fun to sit down and eat breakfast.

Breakfast Bar Furniture

The most important piece of furniture in your breakfast bar is the table. The type of table you choose to purchase will depend upon the size and shape of the space you’re turning into a breakfast bar, and the décor of your home. Typically, any unused corner of your kitchen can be turned into a breakfast bar, but sometimes people use part of the dining room if it’s right off the kitchen.

The table needs to fit into the breakfast bar area with enough space around it so that people are able to sit and eat comfortably. Remember, the space will be used for eating so make sure there’s an unencumbered beeline from the cooking area to your breakfast bar.

Some popular breakfast bar table and chair arrangements include:

• The L-shaped Booth: The L-shaped booth consists of two benches of unequal lengths snugly defining a corner, a table, and then either chairs or a free-standing bench. The minimum amount of necessary wall space for the two wall bench components is four feet by six feet, which will seat four adults comfortably. You are looking at a table then that is 54 inches long and 32inches wide. If you buy benches that double as storage units, you will double the functionality of your space.

• The Pub Table: Pub tables, also called bar tables, are smaller and higher than other tables, ranging in height between 35 and 45 inches. They are generally paired with high chairs or stools, and make a very cozy setting for Eggs Benedict and Orange Blossoms for two.

• The Dinette: A dinette set is simply a smaller version of your dining room tables and chairs. It’s the most versatile table and seating choice in that you can purchase one in any number of different sizes and styles, but it also takes up the most space. A popular décor choice right now is the retro dinette consisting of a table with a laminated top and chrome legs, and four chairs upholstered in bright colors with a ‘50s edge like hot pink or aquamarine.

Breakfast Bar Accessories

If you choose benches for seating, then you’re going to need cushions. Pick cushions that are comfortable and easy to wash since invariably they will become stained with food and spilt coffee. An excellent way to make your breakfast bar visually more cohesive is to match your placemats and table napkins to the pattern of your cushions. If your breakfast bar is near a window, you can also match the curtains – or contrast them, perhaps, by picking up one of the cushion colors.

One of the ways you will distinguish your breakfast bar from the rest of the room is through wall décor. Sure, you can paint the breakfast bar’s walls a different color, but you can also achieve a cordoned off effect by displaying the right knickknacks. Collectible plates are always great accessories for a breakfast bar; they can be easily mounted on a wall and are great conversation starters. Collectible salt and pepper shakers are fun too, though a bit more problematic: they need shelf space to be displayed and breakfast bars are generally tight spaces. If you do mount shelves in your breakfast bar, make sure they’re narrow.

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