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Coffee Tables Furniture - How to Find Cheap Coffee Tables via Furniture Venders That May Surprise You

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If you are looking for coffee tables in furniture departments located in major chain stores, chances are high that you are paying too much for too little. Chic and fashionable coffee tables are available via furniture retailers that might at first seem a bit off the beaten path. Whatever design theme you are after, there is simply no reason to pay full price for a coffee table to complement the overall aesthetic. Roll up your sleeves and get ready for a bit of adventure as you begin your search for coffee tables in furniture stores that you may not have even known existed.

Estate Sales

When a person passes away, their entire estate can be put up for sale by their closest existing relatives. These ‘Estate Sales’ can include the entire furnishings of a home, including coffee tables that range from brand new to antique vintage. The best part of estate sales is the fact that you can often get quality furnishings at prices that are far below what you would pay in a regular antique shop or modern furniture store.

In addition, pieces bought at estate sales often carry with them a unique story that can become a part of your own family heritage. Buying coffee tables in furniture stores may be quick and convenient but purchasing them via estate sales can save you money while adding a sense of history to your overall design scheme.

Online Vendors

Whether it is eBay, Overstock.com or craigslist, plenty of online vendors have coffee tables in furniture styles that cover the full design spectrum. Often, you can purchase coffee tables online at prices that are substantially less than storefront retailers can provide. Online furniture vendors do not have the high overhead costs associated with running a physical storefront furniture shop. These savings are passed on directly to the consumer, resulting in coffee tables that are priced more reasonably than local stores can offer.

If you plan to purchase coffee tables from furniture shops located in cyberspace, be sure that the company can give you a money-back guarantee that your furniture will arrive in excellent condition. In addition, you should also calculate shipping fees in advance of placing your order, in order to ascertain whether your savings will be significant when shipping fees are factored in to the equation.

Liquidation Auctions

When individuals file bankruptcy, their assets are often liquidated in order to repay a small portion of their total monies owed to various creditors. One person’s financial misfortune can amount to great savings for you when it comes to purchasing coffee tables in furniture auctions.

As auctions tend to move at a fast clip, you would be wise to arrive at liquidation sales well in advance of the actual auction. Inspect your prospective coffee tables for purchase as closely as possible in order to discover any nicks or scratches you might not perceive from afar. Know your limits when stepping into an auction setting, as bidding can get heated and it is easy to overspend if you have not set specific limits for yourself beforehand.

Display Models

If you are set on purchasing coffee tables in modern department store setting, consider saving money by purchasing the floor display model instead of a brand new, sealed model from the manufacturer. While display coffee tables may have a bit of wear and tear, they can wind up saving you a great deal of money. If you are looking to decorate with style on a budget, display model coffee tables allow you to buy name brand pieces at a fraction of the current market price.

In addition, floor models and pieces that have suffered minor damages during transport are often sold in bulk quantities to refurbishment companies. These companies restore the furniture pieces to their former glory and then resell them at discounted prices. Be sure to check out coffee tables from furniture refurbishment warehouses before you shell out too much of your hard-earned cash on brand new models.

Many people do not understand that they have many alternative options to purchasing coffee tables in furniture stores. With a bit of ingenuity, patience and a knack for negotiation, you can secure high quality coffee tables at prices that are far below what you would pay at your local furniture retailer.

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