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Bunk Beds Furniture - Bunk Beds: Furniture Can be Fun!

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Bunk beds, furniture that can maximize available floor space by taking advantage of the vertical space in the room, can be a fun, creative way to fit more people into a small living area. For centuries people have appreciated bunk beds as furniture that is stackable and remarkably easy to build and use.
Commonly thought of as furniture for children, used to accommodate crowded siblings and make space for the new baby, there are also many adult uses for bunk beds. Furniture in a prison cell is sparse but a bunk bed can be found in most, a thin frame with rounded edges nailed to the bare wall. Many sailors sleep on bunk beds, furniture being under severe space restrictions on congested sea vessels. Even some hostels, mainly youth targeted hostels across Europe, accommodate more people and more sales by using bunk beds. Furniture in summer camp cabins may not be of cutting edge Italian design but it is more often than not comfortable—and among the rustic chairs and kerosene lamps can usually be found the obligatory wooden bunk bed.
Although there is no definitive visual proof, ancient Egypt is said to be where man first used bunk beds as furniture. People were tired of sleeping on the floor in piles of cushioning and so the use of complex frames with ropes as mattress support came into practice. At first only the rich could afford such a luxury but they soon found that the creation of stackable loft beds could crowd more servants into smaller living quarters, and so the bunk bed was born.
Today’s bunk beds, furniture with the same space saving concept as the loft beds of the ancient Egyptians, can be much more visually pleasing and even fun. They come in many different shapes and designs, each with its own personality. They can be colorful or plain, purely functional or even decorative. Here are some of the most popular kinds of bunk beds found in today’s homes.

The Standard Bunk Bed
Standard bunk beds, the furniture that never goes out of style, take up the same floor space as single beds, but yield twice the area for sleeping. These are essentially two beds stacked on top of each other, usually constructed out of wood or metal. The standard bunk bed usually comes with a standard ladder for easy access to the top level. You may or may not use this ladder on a regular basis depending on your level of agility and how fast you need to get into your bed before mommy comes in.

The Loft Bunk Bed
Modern loft beds, a far cry from the loft beds first used by the Egyptians, have become popular fixtures in apartments, dorm rooms, and other space constricted locations, although they are not technically bunk beds. As furniture fixtures, loft beds can also be a great space saving device. The loft bed is a simple bed elevated off the floor to create livable space underneath. Or, in other words, a bunk bed with no bottom bunk. This design allows the user to sleep soundly and comfortably, while not limiting his floor space. Loft beds can be easily converted into beautiful bunk beds, and that leads us to our next variation.

The L-shaped Bunk Bed
Completely different from the time tested standard bunk bed format, the L-shaped bunk bed is essentially a loft bunk bed with a matching bottom. The bottom part is not usually fixed to the top or parallel to it but may protrude out in an L shape that gives this bed its name. This is not the only shape it may take, however. Because the two fixtures are not attached they may be positioned at any angle or direction pleasing to the users or their parents.

Whatever your favorite design may be, make sure that the bunk bed you choose is sturdy and secure. Safety is an important factor in the purchase of bunk beds. Furniture, especially if designed for the use of children, must be able to handle a little rough housing without complaining or collapsing. Be sure there are no loose parts on the frame and that the ladder is firmly attached to the bed.

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