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Boulder Colorado Homes - Finding the Right Home in Boulder

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Boulder, Colorado is world renown for the natural beauty that surrounds the city. Boulder is located roughly 60 miles north of Denver. Boulder, Colorado is considered to be one the most beautiful cities in the United States and has been voted as the country’s most active city and one of the best places to live by various outdoor magazines

Boulder sits at the base of the Rocky Mountains, which makes it a convenient place to go hiking or biking. This is why Boulder is an extremely desirable place to live, work and play. Finding a home for sale in Boulder is not an easy task though. Houses in Boulder, Colorado typically do not stay on the market for very long due to the amount of people who want to move and live in Boulder. With all the natural beauty right in your backyard it is no wonder why there are not many Boulder, Colorado homes for sale.

There are so many great activities available for the entire family if you live in Boulder. Popular activities include such things as hiking or running up to the Rocky Mountains, kayaking or swimming in the Boulder Creek (which runs through the entire city), biking along one of the mountain roads available in town, or going out to a wonderful dinner at one of the many fine dining restaurants in the city.

With all these wonderful and fun activities in the city, it is no wonder why Boulder Colorado homes do not go on sale often. If you are looking to move to Boulder it is recommended that you talk to a Realtor or search the internet and try to find Boulder, Colorado homes for sale.

One unique aspect of living in Boulder is that you can live in a mountain home or cabin and still have access to the city. These mountain homes in Boulder, Colorado are typically sold for more money than the standard home within the actual city because the mountain homes for sale provide an unmatched view of the Rocky Mountains. There is no place in the country like Boulder so homes for sale in the mountains are very rare and are often desired by thousands of people. This makes the housing market in Boulder very competitive and fast paced.

Do not worry though, many Boulder Colorado homes are for sale in the summer. This is due to the fact that the University of Colorado has a campus in Boulder so college students are constantly moving in and out of the city which allows people interested in buying homes to acquire property easily during the summer months. This is why it’s important to constantly check to see if Boulder Colorado homes are for sale, because the market is always rapidly changing. Most Boulder, Colorado homes for sale will be on the market for less than six months so important to constantly check and see what homes are currently on sale.

Boulder is also a unique place because many elite athletes will move to train for the Olympics. The elite athletes seek out Boulder because of the altitude that will enhance their endurance and performance. It is important if you are looking for a Boulder, Colorado home for sale, that you make yourself aware if the Olympics are coming up because many sponsors will purchase homes in Boulder for their athletes. In the year before the Olympic Games there are not many Boulder, Colorado homes for sale.

The housing market in Boulder is very unique due to the amount of natural beauty that surrounds the city, the beautiful cabin homes for sale in the mountains and the amount of elite athletes that move and train before the Olympics.

Due to the unique housing market, homes in Boulder will vary in price. Homes located in the mountains, wast of the city, will cost between $300,000-$500,000. Homes located near the University of Colorado campus will cost less and will typically be sold for $170,000-$250,000. Homes located in northern Boulder sell for quite a bit more, mainly due to the quality and size of the houses. Wonderland Lake offers the nicest homes and a house there will cost between $350,000-$650,000.

Finding a Boulder, Colorado home for sale requires a lot of patience and perseverance because it may take months to find something suitable and affordable for your needs. Do not give up the search for a home because living in Boulder will change your life and offer world renowned natural beauty, and lots of outdoor activities for the family to partake in.

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