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Colorado Ranch For Sale - Finding The Perfect Colorado Ranch For Sale

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Think you’ve seen paradise? Unless you have experienced a few days on a Colorado ranch, you have not experienced paradise. Imagine stepping outside your front door in the morning and seeing deer scattered about an open field and eating the grass in-between spread out bales of hay? In the background are rolling hills with thick foliage. And beyond that are snowcapped mountains reaching high into the clouds. You never hear any traffic or commotion. You’re in a world of your own, where peace and tranquility reign supreme. If this sounds like the lifestyle you’re looking for, strongly consider finding a Colorado ranch for sale. And if work is your excuse for not considering a ranch for sale in Colorado, that excuse doesn’t hold. Many of the ranches for sale in Colorado are income-producing. The only reason not to make the move is fear.

We will cover three Colorado ranches for sale in this article. They each offer different benefits. The first is Elbert Ranch. This large Colorado ranch consists of 908 acres. Of these 908 acres, 110 acres are irrigated and 100 acres are sub-irrigated. You will also be supplied with irrigation equipment. The entire property is fenced. There is also a paved road leading into the property and toward the main house. The main house has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. There is also a barn as well as several sheds. If you’re a hunter, you will have an opportunity to hunt pronghorn, deer, turkey, and antelope on your own land. If you’re not a hunter, you can still enjoy watching the wildlife. Elbert Ranch is approximately 30 minutes from Colorado Springs and is located in Elbert County. It sits at an elevation of 5,980 feet. This expansive and well maintained ranch is currently listed for $2.25 million.

If you would prefer a Colorado Ranch that’s farther away from Colorado Springs and offers a lot of land, look into Ramah Ranch. This ranch consists of 1,160 acres. High-quality grass keeps the property looking highly attractive. A spring provides water for the cattle and there are also 4 wells, a barn, and several out buildings. The main house is only 1,400 square feet, but it’s a perfect fit in this deep country setting. If you hunt, prepare to aim for deer and pronghorn. If you’re looking for income, it can be provided with cattle and gravel pit. Ramah Ranch is 1.5 hours from Colorado Springs. It currently has a list price of $1 million.
The best has been saved for last – as long as you can afford it. The Emerald Valley Guest Ranch is one of the best Colorado ranches for sale at this time. Why? Because it is 100% ready to operate as a guest house. If you’re an entrepreneur, this is the opportunity of a lifetime. For $2.5 million dollars, you can own a guest ranch with 16.25 acres set in the middle of a national forest. The national forest is Pike National Forest and you will have a long-term lease with the U.S. Forest Service upon purchase. The ranch can accommodate up to 45 people, but additional rustic guest cabins allow for even more guests. This, in turn, leads to more profit. The rustic guest cabins aren’t too rustic. They have a bath and heat. Some even offer a kitchenette. This is not only the ideal location for a weekend getaway. It’s also a unique and beautiful location for a wedding or any other type of special event. Corporate clients and those looking for reunion destinations will be sure to fill up the Emerald Valley Guest Ranch in short order.

A few additional benefits exist with the Emerald Valley Guest Ranch. They include the original Spencer Penrose Lodge (4,437 square feet), two lakes and a stream that make for ideal fishing conditions, hunting for elk and deer, an equestrian facility, a 42 × 60 event tent included with your purchase, and a location right smack in-between Colorado Springs and the historic mining town of Cripple Creek. If this sounds like the greatest investment opportunity you have come across to date, or if either of the two Colorado ranches for sale above piqued your interest, call Colorado Ranch Sales at 303-376-6334 for more information.

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