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Denver Colorado Airport - How To Use Ground Transportation At Denver Colorado Airport

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Denver International Airport is one of the busiest airport in the world, serving more than 50 million passengers a year. It is a major travel hub for American as well as international visitors. In fact, it is served by more than 25 airlines including Air Canada, American Airlines, British Airways, Delta, Southwest, United Airlines, United Express, and more.

The airport is a hub for Great Lakes Airlines, which offer flights to more than 30 domestic locations, mostly in the mid west and west. Overall, there are flights to more than 100 destinations including major cities such as Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, New York, London, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Toronto, and more. However, most of the flights are within North America, so transfers must be made for international travel including Europe.

Being such a large complex, first time passengers may have some trouble navigating Denver International Airport and finding ground transportation. It is a truly mega airport and getting oriented may be difficult. The airport is located in a rural environment along Pena Boulevard, approximately 25 miles northeast of downtown Denver. Fortunately, there is excellent ground transportation which connects passengers to Denver and the surrounding suburbs.

The airport consists of Jeppesen Terminal, which is the main terminal, and three more concourses that are labeled A, B, and C. There is an interesting layout which connects all of the facilities together. Jeppesen Terminal is connected to Concourse A by a pedestrian bridge. Concourse A, B, and C are connected to each other by an automated underground train service. Access to the train can be found at the center of each concourse, and the travel time between each concourse is less than five minutes.

The Jeppesen Terminal as well as the three concourses offer plenty of facilities and services such as ATMs, currency exchange, restaurants, shops, internet kiosks, lounges, rest rooms, praying rooms, post office, and more. Additionally, the airport has a nice collection of artwork that is placed around the terminal and concourses. With that being said, there is plenty to do and see while waiting for a flight at Denver International Airport.

Most of the ground transportation can be found right outside Jeppesen Terminal. There are shuttles provided by the car rental companies as well as hotels. Taxis and luxurious limousines also line up right outside the terminal, waiting to pick up passengers. Mountain carriers (vans) and charter buses also serve the terminal. All of these transportation services are located on level 5 of the terminal. Each type of vehicle is assigned a specific lane on the road outside the terminal, so it is easy to spot the right transportation. There are also transportation information booths on level 5, which will assist passengers with finding the right options for navigating the airport or traveling to Denver.

Car transportation at Denver International Airport is very popular. In fact, there are more than a dozen car rental facilities at the airport. No matter what the budget or preference is, Passengers are guaranteed to find the right car to drive around Denver. The actual car rental facilities are located quite far from the terminal, and that is why there are shuttle services offered. Traveling between the airport to downtown Denver is easy. After leaving Pena Blvd, drivers need to get on I-70 W and then merge onto I-25 S, which passes right through the central business district and all of the city’s major attractions. The drive from the airport to downtown Denver takes about 30 minutes.

Visitors should be aware of Denver’s local transportation system, which is provided by RTD (Regional Transportation District.) The service consists of buses and light rail throughout the city and the metro area. RTD offers skyRide, which is a bus service that links the airport with the entire Denver metropolitan area. There are five total skyRide routes which are known as AA, AB, AF, AS, and AT.

For example, the AF skyRide bus route runs through downtown Denver, stopping near other light rail stations such as 30th Street Downing and Market Street. For comparison purposes, the AT skyRide bus travels from the airport down south to the community of Aurora. It is a good idea for people arriving at Denver International Airport to get familiar with the local RTD public transit system to get around the city and towns.

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